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Full visa liberalization for Chinese tourists will boost EU economy

Europe’s visa regimes are among the most restrictive in the world according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which estimated that 74%...

UNWTO and ETC work on joint efforts in tourism

UNWTO and the European Travel Commission (ETC) have signed an agreement committing to advance their joint efforts to address major issues facing the tourism sector (Berlin, Germany, March 7, 2012).

Tour operators predict US travelers will return to Europe in growing...

Despite the downward revision of the country's economic growth forecast, US tour operators predict US travelers will return to Europe in growing numbers.

European Travel Commission launches new digital initiatives on its portal

NEW YORK - The European Travel Commission announced the unveiling of new digital initiatives including the redesign of its official consumer portal, visiteurope.com, along with the formation of a part

European Travel Commission launches Facebook contest

NEW YORK - The European Travel Commission today announced the launch of their new social media contest entitled, "I Wish I Were There." Hosted on the ETC's official Facebook page, the contest will enc

New UNWTO report highlights impact of demographic change on tourism

Demographic change will have major implications for the tourism sector over the coming decades but also presents important opportunities.
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