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Eos bankruptcy filing signals end to cheap executive travel

Eos, the premium airline that flew between London and New York, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last night, a move that appeared to signal the end of cut-price executive-only flights across the Atlantic.The American carrier’s flights were suspended last night, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at Stan-sted and John F Kennedy airports.

All-business-class niche airline Eos folds

ATLANTA (AP) — When Eos Airlines Inc. launched its first flights in 2005, the startup carrier named for a Greek goddess came with enthusiastic business travelers looking for more space who didn't mind hefty fares for premium service across the Atlantic.

It’s crowded at the top

LONDON - Soaring aircraft leasing costs, unexpected maintenance problems and an oil price sticking stubbornly above $100 a barrel are giving a new breed of all-business airlines a bumpy ride.