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Cessna 206 comes down hard in Tanzania

(eTN) - A reported engine failure during takeoff from Sumbawanga brought a Cessna 206 with two passengers and a pilot down hard beyond the airfield last week.

Dreamliner test engine breaks apart

EVERETT, WA - The Boeing Company made an announcement today saying that it now expects delivery of the first 787 in the middle of the first quarter 2011.

Flight aborted after eagle sucked into plane’s engine

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Airlines says a flight was aborted after an eagle was sucked into the jet's engine as the aircraft was taking off from a small southeast Alaska town.

East Africa Tourism Report


Bird strike forces American Airlines plane emergency landing

An American Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing Wednesday shortly after taking off in Missouri after one of its engines was disabled by a collision with a bird.

Delta Airlines Boeing 757 makes emergency landing in southern California

A Delta Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in southern California Tuesday night after an engine had to be shutdown.

Runway debris may have caused jet engine failure

Runway debris may have been sucked into the engine of an American Airlines flight that suffered engine failure and caused metal to rain on a Queens neighborhood Wednesday, an airline spokesman said.

Mesaba Airline engine fails

Hibbing, Minn. — A Mesaba Airlines flight had just taken off when the pilots reported a failed engine and returned to Chisholm-Hibbing Airport.

Travel info as easy as 1-2-3

BOSTON, MA - Easing the challenges and costs of travel can seem daunting.

Engine failure over Texas convinces woman never to fly again

It took 12 years for Ronald McGinniss to convince his wife to fly again.And it only a few moments on American Airlines Flight 1853 on Friday convinced her to never again fly the skies. One of two engines on the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 they were on failed, forcing the plane to return to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.