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Elephants could stall Commonwealth Games bid

Sri Lanka could lose the bid for the Commonwealth Games if strong environmental activists’ concerns for about 200 elephants becoming endangered go unheard by the government, an expert said.

Endangered historical Japanese townhouses being turned into accommodation for tourists

KYOTO, Japan - Machiya, Japan's historical townhouses, are being turned into accommodation facilities for foreign tourists.

Plan your trips now, while you still can: 10 endangered vacation...

You've heard of the Life List -- the vacation spots you want to see before you die. This is a little different. These are top U.S. destinations you might want to see before they die.

Too many tourists put many attractions on endangered sites list

Travelers yearning to explore prehistoric Stonehenge or Machu Picchu's Inca ruins better start packing, as both are on a list of endangered destinations, according to a British travel magazine.

Congo Brazzaville accused over wanton gorilla poaching

Investigative reporters working hand in hand with key international conservation NGOs have launched a broadside against the government in Congo Brazzaville over the large-scale killings of the endange

International gorilla forum held in Kigali

A one-day meeting in Kigali on Wednesday, June 17 was dedicated to the conservation of the endangered mountain gorilla, of which less than 800 now survive in the mountainous border region of Rwanda, U

Endangered list for travel destinations

It used to be that when we heard the words, endangered list, we only thought about animals.