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Police: Airline employee stole from planes at Dallas airport

A Texas airline employee is facing theft charges after he allegedly stole items from people on planes he helped clean.

Royal Caribbean employee arrested for burglarizing cruise travelers

Don't forget to pack your flip flops - and bolt down your flat-screen TV?

Starwood Hotels ordered to pay US$3 million for unlawful retaliation against...

A verdict was reached yesterday afternoon in Manhattan Federal Court, when a jury awarded US$3 million to Moises Mendez, a 46-year-old baker for Starwood Hotels. Mr.

Airline employee sets woman’s dog free on Portland tarmac

An Alaska dog owner is looking for answers after Horizon Airlines lost her dog.

Airline justified in dismissing woman over fare discounts

The dismissal of an Air New Zealand worker who had tried to organise discounted fares for personal associates outside company policy has been upheld by the Employment Relations Authority.