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WTTC head calls for EU to delay emissions trading scheme

Europe must not go it alone on aviation emissions trading; instead a global solution should be found, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has today told the European Union.

Winglets save 2 billion gallons of jet fuel

The Blended Winglet Technology will have saved the world's airlines and private jet operators 2 billion gallons of jet fuel, or US$4 billion+ as of March 5, 2010, 1905 hours PST.

Kenya Airways to participate in EU emissions scheme

It was learned that Kenya Airways has joined hands with the UK environmental agency by submitting an emissions management plan aimed at reducing its carbon footprint in coming years considerably.

Airline emissions should be capped at 2005 levels

Airline emissions should be capped at 2005 levels in 2050 to help ensure the success of global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, said the U.K.

UK government to be challenged from within over growth of aviation

UK government is likely to be challenged by its own climate change advisory body on its decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow and permit a doubling in air travel by 2030.

Houston airport to reduce emissions with receipt of multi-million dollar grants

In an announcment today made by Mayor Bill White and the Houston Airport System (HAS, it was stated that the City of Houston Department of Aviation has received US$8.8 million in grants from the Feder

EU to airlines: Clean up or pay up

A new EU target, adopted this year, requires that airline emissions in Europe drop by three percent by 2012, and five percent by 2013.

American Airlines partners with EPA

American Airlines Inc. has committed to implementing environmentally conscious business practices by partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders program.

Disneyland railroad chugs along on used cooking oil

ANAHEIM, CA - As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, Disneyland Resort announced two innovative environmental initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

ATA chief executive says European Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme “contrary to...

WASHINGTON, DC - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading US airlines, today expressed harsh opposition to the European Parliament's October 24 f

JAL trials User Preferred Route system between Japan and Hawaii

TOKYO, Japan (August 11, 2008) - From today, August 11 2008, the JAL Group starts trials of User Preferred Route (UPR) for flights between Japan and Hawaii.

Boeing Tailored Arrivals ATM concept cuts fuel use and emissions

SEATTLE, Washington - Boeing and partners in industry and government achieved significant reductions in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during a recent deployment of an innovative Air Tr

Air Transport Association says European Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme Illegal

WASHINGTON,DC - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading US airlines, today voiced harsh opposition to the European Parliament approval of legisl

Alaska Airlines implements new strategies to conserve fuel and reduce emissions

Alaska Airlines announced today it is now using mobile ground-based air units for cabin venting, cooling and heat on parked aircraft at nearly all its gates at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Southwest Airlines and the FAA revolutionize the skies

Southwest Airlines' senior director of Flight Operations Jeff Martin spoke today about the benefits of RNP (Required Navigation Performance) and Southwest's progression on RNP implementation fleet-wide at the Eco-Aviation Conference in Washington, D.C.

United Airlines: In shambles, but remain optimistic on fuel and on...

HONOLULU (eTN) – As expected, United Airlines is following American Airlines’ lead and will soon begin to implement two changes to its domestic checked bag policy.

The plane truth about flying

It may be the price of oil, more than cost to the environment, that's driving airlines to cut emissions. But soaring demand for air travel is outstripping their best efforts.