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Future agreement on visa waivers in the works for Seychelles nationals...

Following the opening of the new Seychelles Embassy in Abu Dhabi last Thursday, the Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr.

American Embassy in Khartoum warns of threats against Air Uganda

On Saturday, the US mission in the Sudan issued a warning that regional extremists were thought to plan an attack on an Air Uganda flight between Juba, the capital of the semi-autonomous region of the

No boob jobs, please, we’re British

HELP! I've just had my breasts enlarged and I don't like the new size. British embassy - sort out my boobs!

US government responds to Americans quarantined in Thailand because of swine...

This Warden Message alerts U.S. citizens to the latest information regarding human cases of 2009-H1N1 Influenza, sometimes referred to as

US Embassy warns Americans to avoid Thai protests

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S.