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What animal is so big, it got its own Travel Mart?

A new event seeks to raise awareness of growing global interest in ecotourism and at the same time, create opportunities that benefit this mammal, the environment and local communities.

Elephants could stall Commonwealth Games bid

Sri Lanka could lose the bid for the Commonwealth Games if strong environmental activists’ concerns for about 200 elephants becoming endangered go unheard by the government, an expert said.

Elephant beauty pageant held in Nepali tourist hotspot

A beauty pageant of elephants was held at Sauraha in Chitwan, a tourist hotspot destination in central Nepal as part of a three-day elephant festival.

Cowboys and elephants

CHIANG RAI - There was something strangely reassuring sitting bareback high above a four-ton Asian elephant in the northern reaches of Thailand.

Revisiting “The Gathering” of elephants at Minneriya National Park

SRI LANKA (eTN) - Recently, I spent some time in the cultural triangle area, after quite a long lay-off of about 7-9 months.

President of Sri Lanka Tourist Hotels Association shares his love for...

Srilal Miththapala, president of the Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka, is a wildlife and elephant enthusiast, and he was recently invited to give a talk on elephants of Sri Lanka at the Asia Ho

Tanzania and Zambia application to sell ivory rejected

It was confirmed overnight from Doha that the biannual CITES meeting has indeed rejected the sale application for ivory from Tanzania and Zambia, a move undoubtedly welcomed by the conservation frater

Where elephants rule

Elephant Sands is 54 km north of Nata, Botswana. Set in the wilderness not far from the road, the elephants have come to call this place home.

Southern Africa’s elephants: treasured killers

Katubya, Zambia - Here's how to pitch this (true) story to Hollywood: Ordinary guy named John, ordinary Sunday, cycling home into a setting sun. Monster roars out of the bushes!

Tourist trampled by Indian elephants

A retired schoolteacher from France has been trampled to death by wild elephants in southern India, forest officials say.

Ethiopia opens dwindling elephant herd to tourists

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia began inviting tourists to visit its dwindling elephant herd on Monday as part of efforts to boost income from tourism.

Tourists seen as a lifeline for Laos elephants

Laos, once known as the Land of a Million Elephants, faces warnings from conservationists that it could lose its herds within 50 years if it does not move quickly to protect them with tourism eyed as a possible savior.

Elephants as casualties of war in Sri Lanka

(eTN) - Conservationists around the world are again breathing uneasy following word that Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war has caused the death of 193 elephants last year, up by 13 percent compared to the previous year. In a plan gone wrong, park warden J A Weerasingam blames the action of villagers. "They are shooting my animals," said Weerasingam.
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