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Five Spanish hotel companies continue commitment to future of young Dominicans

On December 3, there was a graduation ceremony for 48 Dominican students who participated in the fourth class of the Chance project.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Becomes First Transport Hub to Harvest Energy...

Abu Dhabi International Airport has officially announced the launch of an interactive walkway which converts the footsteps of travelers into off-grid electricity and data.

Kenya’s first 100% solar hotel

The demand from eco-travelers is growing and Serena continues to adapt its business best practices model to meet the ecological travel experiences and expectations of today’s guest.

Blackout hits Mauritius

(eTN) - Tuesday saw unusual meteorological conditions over Mauritius cause severe thunderstorms, during which lightning struck key electrical installations, prompting an island-wide power outage.

Seychelles approves draft of Energy Bill

The Seychelles Cabinet of Ministers has approved the draft of an Energy Bill aimed at modernizing electricity provision in Seychelles, as well as creating competition in the renewable and clean energy

Tanzania hoteliers shocked by increase in price of electricity

(eTN) Earlier this week, the Tanzanian power company went public with plans to raise electricity tariffs by a staggering 34 percent, prompting immediate responses from consumers, industry, and hotel o

Powering up when you are 30,000 feet up

In today’s world, we live, work, and travel with our laptops, our mobile phones, and our iPods. These all run on batteries, but for a limited amount of time, of course.

Kenya going greener still

Anyone flying from the Masai Mara into Wilson Airport these days will see the wind power plants erected on the famous Ngong Hills, at the foot of which Baroness Blixen made immortal through the film "

Zanzibar island power is back but at great cost to hotels

The perennial power cuts the island of Zanzibar has suffered from since December of last year, came to an end last week when services were restored following the repairs on the underwater cable from t

New York finds good use for tourists: Generating electricity

Ah, Times Square: For native New Yorkers, it's simply a crowded place to be avoided at all costs, but marketers know it as a premium locale for launching a splashy campaign.

Millions in China to greet new year without power

KAILI, China - Trains and planes are starting to return to normal across China, but millions are likely to spend the biggest holiday of the year without power and water in what for some is the coldest winter in a century.
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