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OTDYKH International Russian Travel Market to celebrate 25th anniversary in 2019

September 10-12 2019 will see the return of the successful OTDYKH Leisure International Russian Travel market. Held in Moscow each year.

Over 30 countries attending Global Investment in Aviation Summit in Dubai

The Global Investment in Aviation Summit, an initiative of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, will be held on 27-29 January 2019 at the...

Efforts underway to remove aircraft from Entebbe International Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda said efforts were underway to remove the Ethiopian airlines plane from Entebbe International Airport.

“Ours Yours” and “Where It All Begins”: The new Bahrain Egypt...

Tourism may be a way for Bahrain and Egypt to find together. Egypt is in urgent need of more tourists after ongoing security incidents.  Bahrain and Egyptian officials discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation and strengthening the ties between the two countries.

Egypt military on mission to safe countries tourism safety reputation

Egyptians authorities are going all out to secure their tourism reputation. Egypt's security forces have killed 40 militants in raids on their hideouts in the Sinai Peninsula and  Greater Cairo area hours after a roadside bomb targeted a tourist bus in the capital, killing three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide.

Roadside bomb in Egypt kills tourists

Tourists were heading to a show at the pyramids in Egypt, when a roadside bomb exploded.

2 Vietnamese tourists killed, 12 wounded in Giza tour bus bombing

At least two people were killed and 12 injured as a bus carrying Vietnamese tourists on their trip to the ancient Giza pyramids was...

UNWTO chief: Growth of African Tourism as industry remains resilient

The festive season in Africa also marks the highest season in the tourism industry, as demand for getaway destinations in the continent surges. According...

Chinese Visitors arrival to Egypt promising

The Red Sea resorts in Egypt have been working hard recently on attracting the Chinese tourists, said Abdullah in an exclusive interview with Xinhua...

Egypt boosts nationwide security for Christmas and New Year

Egypt's Armed Forces, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, has intensified measures to secure Christmas and New Year's celebrations nationwide, the army said...

Is UNWTO suffering of an induced coma?

UNWTO is experiencing a new type of leader and leadership.

RIU confirm commitment to Canary Islands with new hotel purchase

RIU Hotels & Resorts has completed its purchase of Hotel Riu Buena Vista, located in southern Tenerife, with spectacular views of the Atlantic from...

Sacred places: Many spiritual sites can be visited via cruise ship

There are 100+ cruise itineraries that provide access to sacred places – worldwide sites of healing, guidance, and divine inspiration. The significance of these...

Profit slide continues for Middle East & North Africa hotels

Waning revenues and rising costs have conspired to hobble profit per room at hotels in the Middle East & North Africa, as GOPPAR in...

Traveling and like to breathe fresh air? Where not to go

The Gulf region may be the leader in luxury travel and tourism, but it does have the worst air quality in the world. As part...

Three-month state of emergency unanimously approved by Egypt’s parliament

Egypt's parliament has unanimously approved a three-month state of emergency declared by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi after attacks claimed by Takfiri Daesh terrorists killed...

Seychelles sends condolences to Egypt on Palm Sunday terror attacks

In a message to Egyptian President Al-Sisi, Seychelles President Faure condemned the acts of terrorism that occurred on Palm Sunday in the strongest terms...

Did Egypt make a mistake with the 2011 Revolution?

Given that Egypt’s travel and tourism industry has been suffering as one of the consequences of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, does Dr.

Egypt’s mummy king speaks out about unrest, solution, tourism and King...

Dr. Zahi Hawass is known the world over as the Egyptian archeologist who was the subject of a National Geographic television show called Chasing Mummies, King Tut's Final Secrets.

Business is slow, but Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum are...

CAIRO, Egypt (eTN) - The number of tourists visiting the Pyramids of Giza are far from pre-2011 Revolution levels.

WTTC boss on why Egypt travel ban is unjust

David Scowsill, president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council, has always been vocal about his support for Egypt’s travel and tourism industry despite the uncertainties the beleaguered cou

Egypt: Arab Spring gone wrong?

Since 2011, Egypt has had various transformations and through the process, the beleaguered country’s travel and tourism industry has done its best to stay resilient.

New Luxor governor El-Khayat bows to pressure, resigns

Tourism is the pillow of the economy in Luxor, Egypt. International and domestic pressure was put on the newly appointed governor of that city to resign.

Egypt’s tourism minister quits in protest: ICTP President Geoffrey Lipman releases...

Tourism is one of the major industries in Egypt, and Luxor is a city visited by millions of tourists every year.

Egypt’s tourism minister to visit Saudi Arabia over cuts in number...

CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou will soon head to Saudi Arabia to discuss a recent Saudi decision to reduce the number of Egyptian pilgrims to Mecca and Medina by 20 percent in
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