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Airlines for America urges more TSA efficiency, not more passenger taxes

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

Report: Singapore most competitive and efficient city in Asia

Singapore is Asia’s most competitive city in attracting businesses, efficiency and promoting a clean environment, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit report commissioned by Citigroup.

Official: Pakistan International Airlines cannot be run efficiently

KARACHI - The success of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) workers in forcing Managing Director Aijaz Haroon out will encourage labour unions in other public sector organisations to challenge m

Kenya Airways records efficiency gains in B767 fleet

Information was received from sources close to Kenya Airways that their fleet’s on-time performance has in recent weeks and months improved steadily, compared to data available from mid/late 2008.

Air Berlin launches efficiency program

BERLIN - In order to absorb part of the increased kerosene cost, Air Berlin PLC has designed a cost-reduction package to be implemented at the start of the winter flight schedule. The program comprises capacity reductions, as well as organizational measures. Instead of having 134 airplanes in service, as originally planned, only 120 are to remain in service at the end of the year.