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Meseznikov: Israeli tourism hurt by Arab Spring chaos

Upheaval in the Arab world has caused a significant drop in tourist visits to Israel, Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov said on Sunday.

Ferry disaster could ruin Tanzania’s tourist destination image

The maritime accident that hit Zanzibar last week has left tourism officials worried that recurring disasters could ruin Tanzania’s image as a tourist destination.

The impact of September 11, 2001 on aviation

On September 11, 2001 anyone associated with aviation knew that the industry would never be the same.

Zambian elections will not affect tourism

Ndola — The Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) has expressed optimism that Zambia will host peaceful elections this year and that tourist arrivals will not be affected.

Australia: “Oprah effect” winds up to be “phantom of the Oprah”

Oprah Winfrey's imprimatur has launched careers, spawned business empires and raised millions of dollars for charity, but the ''Oprah effect'' has not revived Australia's flagging tourism industry in

Chinese tourism to Philippines not affected by Spratlys row

THE recent diplomatic squabble between the Philippines and China over ownership of the Spratly Islands and other areas in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) is not affecting the growth of Chine

Experts: Bin Laden’s killing to hurt Egyptian tourism

CAIRO, Egypt - Egypt's tourism industry, still reeling from political upheavals in the country, will further suffer after the US killing of Al Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden, say experts.

Airline industry: Political unrest slows global growth

GENEVA, Switzerland - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) today announced scheduled international traffic for February 2011 showing increases of 6.0% and 2.3% respectively for passenger

Steep rise in airfares affecting Indian tourism

Steep rise in airfares is "affecting the overall tourism" in the country and domestic airlines need to do much more to bring the cost down, civil aviation minister Praful Patel said here on Monday.

Mexican officials: Tourism thriving despite drug wars

As Mexican officials investigate a bloody attack that left eight people dead in one of the country's most popular vacation destinations, officials there say the drug wars appear to be having little ef

Eilat Hotel Association: Security unrest will distress tourism

A day after Eilat celebrated the launch of El Al’s new flight route to the resort town, locals were optimistic that these flights would increase tourism to the southern city.

Study: Oil spill is going to ripple throughout Florida’s economy

With tar balls washing up on some Florida Panhandle beaches, the state's largest industry could take a huge hit.

New York tourists not deterred by bumpy economy

MANHATTAN NY - With the advent of industry and information technology, the world grew smaller and pulled New York City to its center- a pure gravitation of culture and ideas.

Tanzania: Global credit crunch costs tourism

Dar Es Salaam — The impact of credit crunch on tourism in Tanzania has resulted in between 25 - 30 per cent drop in tourism since the beginning of this year.

Southwest’s effect on fares may be muted at Logan

Since Southwest Airlines said in April that it would begin flying from Logan International Airport to Baltimore and Chicago, average fares on those routes have dropped 38 and 20 percent, respectively.

Unclear how flu outbreak will affect travel

Travel agents said it is too early to tell how seriously the outbreak of swine influenza will affect travel to Mexico, where 149 people have died from the illness.

The Obama effect

The inauguration of America’s 44th president and its first-ever African-American leader, Barack Obama on January 20 is set to bring about many changes, not only in the US, but across the globe, give

As corporate travel declines, South Florida hotels try new tack

After the 9/11 attacks, vacationers were afraid to fly and South Florida hotels suffered.

Industry chiefs: Athens unrest having minimal effect on tourism

ATHENS - Greek tourism leaders said Monday that a strike at the Acropolis was more damaging than the urban unrest scarring Athens - with the global economic downturn their greatest fear.

Five ways airline capacity cuts will affect you

You've probably read about the legacy and low-fare airlines making big "capacity cuts" throughout this year, but you may not know how those cuts will affect you.

Paper ticket – 1909 – 2008. R.I.P.

ISTANBUL: A new era in air travel began on Sunday as it bid farewell to the paper ticket on the eve of the industry's conversion to 100 per cent electronic ticketing at the call of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), representing over 230 global airlines.