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Recession taking its toll on Tanzania tourism as thousands of jobs...

Arusha, Tanzania (eTN) - As the impact of the ongoing economic crisis hits Tanzania's fragile tourism industry, nearly 1,160 breadwinners have lost jobs.

Berlin tourism is fitter than other European metropolis

Berlin Tourismus Marketing (BTM) new head Burkhard Kieker tells to eTN why Berlin should be more resilient than other European cities to the current economic recession.

Florida tourism leaders: Recession isn’t like 9-11 at all

Orlando, Florida (eTN) - Florida leaders agree that the impact of a weak economy to the tourism industry can be reversed or minimized if people only work together.

Florida tourism fights off recession tapping international markets

Orlando, Florida (eTN) - Key figures in the public and private sectors in Florida tourism gather in Orlando, showcasing the Sunshine State’s travel suppliers to the world’s top international and d

Less traveling for UK travelers, but ethics and green issues still...

Nearly half of the UK population have already scaled back their holiday plans as a result of the recession, but two thirds still plan to take more eco-friendly holidays.