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BREAKING NEWS: London riots extend to its third night

Riots have spread to new areas of London while looting erupted in the cities of Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol as Britain's worst violence in decades extended into the third night.

A raft of holiday deals to Greece predicted as the country...

Greece's ongoing financial troubles could see a raft of holiday deals to the popular sunshine destination this summer, the travel industry is predicting.

Abu Dhabi forges ahead with mammoth projects despite economic meltdown

Despite deepening economic meltdown worldwide, Abu Dhabi moves ahead with plans for development in hotels and attractions.

Solomon Islands prime minister wants more tourists

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (eTN) - Prime Minister Derek Sikua has said his administration is aiming at bringing in 30,000 foreign tourists to the country before his government folds in 2010.

R.O.A.R.: Consolidate or collapse?

Earlier this year I moderated a panel of industry experts at ESNEP (the European SITE Networking and Educational Programme) where Roger Tondeur of MCI, David Hornby of VisitLondon, Patrick Sullivan of

R.O.A.R: Economic crisis

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and my take on this current crisis is as follows:

Will Asia experience ripple effect of the West’s credit crunch?

As the world's financial and economic institutions continue sinking deeper and deeper into doldrums, families in the West are beginning to face making "cutbacks" in their lives.