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Newest member of global sustainable tourism association Bee + Hive

Pousada Trijuncão is the newest member of Global Sustainable Tourism Association, Bee + Hive.

Corinthia Hotels’ diverse CSR initiatives in 2018 have positive impact on...

During 2018, some 762 pupils and 14 teachers at Buwambo Primary School in Uganda have Corinthia Hotels to thank for clean, safe water.

The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label renewed for three big hotels: New...

The Tourism Department renewed the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL) for another three hotel establishments and awarded the Seychelles eco-label to a new accommodation entity.

Kenya’s first 100% solar hotel

The demand from eco-travelers is growing and Serena continues to adapt its business best practices model to meet the ecological travel experiences and expectations of today’s guest.

SCTA headquarters is one of the best eco-friendly projects

The main building of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has been chosen as the best eco-friendly projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the 2nd Saudi Arabia Building and Infra

Eco-friendly tourism in Seychelles

Crusoe Craft, an all-African designed and built 18-foot exploration eco trimaran, was launched in Cape Town, South Africa, this week.

La Digue island to phase in clean energy vehicles

The Seychelles Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a policy for the introduction of clean energy vehicles on the island of La Digue, with the long-term plan of phasing out all fuel-dependent vehicles on

Nicaragua has alot to offer to tourists

Nicaragua offers a wide variety of touristic activities that have already attracted approximately 340 thousand visitors and have generated US$99 million in revenues during the first four months of 201

Virgin America ranked greenest US airline

If you're already fan of Virgin America here's another reason to like them: Greenopia has just ranked them the greenest US domestic airline of the ten major airlines they surveyed.

Benchmark eco-friendly tourism route for Cape Town launched at Indaba 2010

There are few cities in the world that can boast a scenic train ride along a magnificent stretch of coastline offering whale spotting from the carriage windows and easy access to major tourist attract

Seoul introduces eco-friendly hybrid taxis

The newly-introduced hybrid taxi in Seoul is a hybrid vehicle powered by a Liquefied Petroleum Injection (LPI) engine that was first developed in Korea.

Luxury Link and Lexus go green

Luxury Link (www.luxurylink.com), the world's premier online luxury travel resource, announced its partnership with Lexus to bring eco-friendly hotel packages to the sophisticated traveler.

Lesbians save the world, one Caribbean cruise at a time

Deciding whether to spend your vacation giving back or getting some much-needed relaxation can be a tough choice.

Eco-friendly expeditions by one of the “Best Adventure Companies on Earth,”...

Cascada Expediciones is a Chilean tour operator dedicated to developing eco-friendly trips in Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia.

40,000 visit Bluestone

Management at Wales' first five-star holiday village say it has attracted 40,000 visitors to Pembrokeshire.

American Airlines ‘Eco-Friendly’ test on trans-Atlantic flight to prove fuel, carbon...

PARIS - When American Airlines Flight 63 departs Paris for Miami at 10 a.m.

Pacific Whale Foundation president speaks on eco-friendly whalewatching

MA'ALAEA (MAUI), HI - Pacific Whale Foundation president Greg Kaufman delivered a talk on "Eco-Friendly Whalewatching: It's Not Always Easiest to Be Green" at a naturalist workshop that was conducted

Disneyland railroad chugs along on used cooking oil

ANAHEIM, CA - As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, Disneyland Resort announced two innovative environmental initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Philippines offers eco-friendly resorts and activities

MANILA, Philippines - In an effort to promote sustainable development and eco-friendly travel options, the Philippines (www.experiencephilippines.ph) offers environmental tips, socio-cultural activiti

Dominican Republic forerunner in eco-friendly travel

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Since 1962, the Dominican Republic (DR) has led the Caribbean in preserving sensitive inland and coastal eco-systems through partnerships with leaders like the Nature Conservancy,

Marriott meetings go green

BETHESDA, Maryland - The average three-day meeting at a Marriott hotel attended by 1,000 people produces more than 12 tons of trash, uses 200,000 kilowatts of power and consumes 100,000 gallons of wat

Visiting Austria will likely reduce your carbon footprint

A new section on the website of the Austrian National Tourist Office UK and Ireland is highlighting the country's strong eco-friendly travel options for visitors.

Lofty claims made by airlines, resorts, others often just empty promises

Book an airline ticket, save the planet. Re-use the towel in your hotel, stop global warming. Rent a hybrid car, reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Lofty promises made by airlines peddling gimmicky carbon offsets, resorts hawking convoluted green initiatives and companies with shiny new fleets of high-maintenance cars to rent. And empty promises.
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