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Uganda needs comprehensive tourism visibility strategy

Google about Uganda and only the bad things will appear, every bad thing about Uganda appears on the net and we only hear about Lake Victoria when there is a tragedy.

Kenya’s first 100% solar hotel

The demand from eco-travelers is growing and Serena continues to adapt its business best practices model to meet the ecological travel experiences and expectations of today’s guest.

Swahili Fashion Week ends on high note with Fashion Awards

Designers, models, sponsors and especially award winners, among them Millen Magesse who was honored with a Humanitarian Award for her charitable work, were full of praises for the organization of the

Kenya tourism: Lamu County under attack and local hotels set on...

Information about an attack by most likely Somali militants on a police post in Lamu county emerged last night from Kenya that the Mpeketoni police station was apparently overrun, weapons and vehicles

World Heritage site status of Zanzibar’s Stone Town under scrutiny

The status of Zanzibar’s ancient Stone Town as a cultural World Heritage site (WHS), accorded in 2000 by UNESCO, will be coming under scrutiny in the run-up to the next UNESCO General Assembly sched

Tourism Boards of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda move closer

The emergence of the “Coalition of the Willing” last year saw the launch of such tourism-related initiatives like the introduction of the common tourist visa and the use of joint exhibition spaces

Serengeti Highway case verdict due on June 20

The long wait for a verdict by the East African Court of Justice in Arusha, pronouncing itself on the application to hand the Tanzanian government a permanent injunction to stop them from building a h

Precision withdraws from Mbeya as Fastjet steps in with another daily...

(eTN) - Fastjet’s Richard Bodin confirmed yesterday that the airline has added extra flights from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya Airport (MBI) with immediate effect as main rival Precision Air has announced

Out goes the old and in comes Tawa – The Tanzania...

The “Elephant Summit” organized in Arusha by the ICCF, the International Conservation Caucus Foundation, yesterday heard from Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro Nyalan

Another blast hits Kenya near Kasarani Sports Complex killing at least...

Sirens were screaming their way into the area near the Kasarani Sports Centre on the main highway from Nairobi to Thika, where not long after 5 pm local time a loud blast was heard, indicating an expl

Nairobi’s Westgate Mall attack claims at least 39 dead and over...

News has been emerging from Nairobi that gunfire has been reported from the West Gate Mall, one of Nairobi's largest and a major police and security operation is now underway and have confirmed that a

Emirates names Zurich as next A380 destination

(eTN) – Dubai airline, Emirates, has just named Zurich as their next Airbus A380 destination, making the prospect of traveling to Switzerland’s banking city even more attractive.

Premier tourism fair opens in Tanzanian city of Arusha this weekend

TANZANIA (eTN) - East Africa’s premier tourism fair, the Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair (KTTF), will be taking place in Tanzania’s northern tourist city of Arusha this weekend.

Qatar Airways resumes Boeing 787 flights to London Heathrow

(eTN) - Qatar Airways’ sales teams have been blitzing the East African markets of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda with news, that the airline has resumed their Doha to London flights with the Boe

Rains hit East Africa with a vengeance

Following the devastating rainstorms which lashed Mauritius last Friday, reports are coming in from across East Africa of loss of property and lives caused by torrential rains.

East African Tourism fraternity sees more light from Seven Natural Wonders...

The tourist fraternity in East Africa has expressed everlasting joy after selection of four natural tourist attractive features into the list of Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

It is all lies says Fly540

(eTN) - In yet a further escalation of the tone and intensity of the raging dispute between the erstwhile partners, Fly540 has now made sweeping allegations against FastJet, telling them in all but na

Regular visitors to East Africa with unregistered SIM cards face blocks,...

(eTN) - Regular visitors to East Africa holding local telecom operators’ SIM cards they use on arrival, may be in for a rude shock when next returning to Kenya, where the registration deadline for m

Budget tourists increasingly take to overland busses to explore East Africa

(eTN) - The softening demand for holidays in Eastern Africa from the main “producer countries” in Europe suffering from economic woes and downturns, has brought focus back on a group of travelers

Airline news from Africa

Emirates counters Qatar with added A280 destinations

Lack of board appointments for East Africa tourism parastatals cause of...

(eTN) - The absence of substantive boards of directors at the newly-created East Africa tourism parastatals is said to be a further cause of growing dissent within the tourism industry and between sen

East Africa counts losses caused by Sandy

(eTN) - The fallout of monster storm Sandy, which hit the Eastern seaboard of the United States two days ago and left a wide path of destruction behind as it moved inland, has also had repercussions h
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