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Now comes a floating hotel in Dubai

Previously dubbed the grandest vessel ever, and once the largest, longest, widest and tallest ocean liner in the world following the 828.8 foot-long Titanic, QE2 now docked in Dubai may soon reloc

Positive growth ahead for Dubai despite economic meltdown, tourism officials say

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (eTN) - Despite the threat of a global economic slowdown, signs are positive for continued growth in the world’s fastest-growing city of Dubai.

Jumeirah, Dubai’s little giant, does well after US ditched Dubai Ports

After the supposed-US deal with Dubai Ports collapsed and a flood of negative headlines, Dubai even gained strength as the regional leader in tourism and hospitality. This, following decades of having switched to non-oil industries after the oil boom and commerce spike in the ‘70s.

Dubai’s pearl industry to shine again

(eTN) - Nowadays Dubai is known as the miracle economy of the Persian Gulf, managing to turn its oil wealth into a diverse economy.Less than a century ago, however, the Gulf was home to some of the best pearls in the world, due to the formation of the seabed, the temperature and shallowness of the water.