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Drunk pilot taken off Milwaukee flight

A Chautauqua Airlines pilot was kept off a flight in Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday morning after he failed a blood-alcohol test, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Drunk Brits get into fight, stabbed in Greece

A British holidaymaker has been killed and four of his friends injured on the Greek island of Zakynthos after a row with a taxi driver.

Drunk US pilot arrested at Amsterdam airport

AMSTERDAM - Dutch police said that intoxicated American pilot has been detained when he was preparing a plane for takeoff .

Is Henry VIII banned from United Airlines?

Did Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Myers get banned from flying on United Airlines?

US airline pilot facing jail for being legally drunk

An American airline pilot prepared to fly a plane fly out of Heathrow Airport while three times over the legal drink-fly limit, a court heard.

Allegedly drunken pilot suspended by United

CHICAGO - United Airlines has suspended a pilot who was arrested in London on suspicion that he was about to fly a Boeing 767 with 124 passengers while drunk, the airline said on Tuesday.

Drunk Russian pilot denied permission to take off

A drunk Russian pilot was denied permission to take off from Frankfurt airport, police said.

Drunk and peeing on a statue – must be a British...

The reputation of Britons abroad suffered yet another setback this week, when 19-year-old Thomas Strong was expelled from Turkey for exposing himself and shouting obscenities at a statue of the nation

British tourists fall to death in Alpine ravine

Two British tourists have plunged to their deaths down a French Alpine ravine that has claimed the lives of seven other holidaymakers in 10 years.

Airline passenger jailed after drunken ‘Allah’ outburst on flight

Passengers feared that Turkish born Hamdi Yazici was planning a terrorist attack when he drunkenly got up and began shouting in his native language.

Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat...

This is no bar bet, it's a lawsuit. Can you get drunk on a flight, then sue the airline for giving you the booze?

‘Drunk’ United Airlines pilot arrested at London airport

LONDON – A United Airlines pilot was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport on suspicion of being over the legal alcohol limit, police confirmed on Monday.

Tourists in drunken hostage drama

A Swedish couple had their romantic Scottish holiday brought to an abrupt halt after they were taken hostage by a drunk sheep shearer, a court has heard.

Drunk Brits force flight to land in Germany

BERLIN - Two drunken British women went on a rampage on a charter plane, hitting one flight attendant with a bottle of vodka and trying to open a cabin door as the aircraft was cruising over Austria a