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Titanic memorial cruise diverted due to medical emergency

A medical emergency Tuesday diverted the cruise ship retracing the path of the ill-fated Titanic 100 years after its sinking.

Two US passenger flights diverted on Sunday

Security concerns forced two U.S. passenger flights to be diverted Sunday, but both planes landed safely and eventually flew to their final destinations.

Southwest responds to loss of pressurization event on Phoenix-Sacramento flight

DALLAS - Southwest Airlines Flight 812, the scheduled 3:25 pm departure from Phoenix to Sacramento today, diverted to Yuma, Ariz due to loss of pressurization in the cabin.

American Airlines flight diverted, passenger detained

An American Airlines passenger accused of lighting matches was detained after his LAX-bound plane was diverted to New Mexico, officials said Thursday.

Bomb threat forces China Airlines emergency landing

TAIPEI, Taiwan – A flight from the Taiwanese capital to the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai was diverted to a nearby Chinese airport Saturday after a passenger told cabin crew his luggage contained

Plane diverted, bomb scare caused by Orthodox Jew

NEW YORK — An Orthodox Jew's prayer rituals, including wearing a sacred box on his head, triggered a bomb scare Thursday aboard a US passenger plane, a security source said.

Toronto-bound jet diverted by agitated passenger

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – A passenger jet bound for Toronto made an unscheduled landing in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday after an agitated passenger tried to tamper with an emergency d