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Electronic shark defense system comes to market

HONOLULU, Hawaii – For years, measures to prevent shark attacks for surfers, divers, and swimmers have helped to save lives.

Black box of crashed Ethiopian Airlines Boeing found

Beirut - Divers from the Lebanese army on Sunday retrieved the flight data recorders of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing that crashed into the sea off the coast of Lebanon two weeks ago.

Bonaire lures divers, other nature fans

KRALENDIJK, Bonaire - On a slow ascent to the surface of the water from 60 feet below, the dive master spots something thrilling along the reef and extends her hand with all five fingers wiggling exci

Old patrol boat becomes new undersea tourist attraction

The Malta Tourism Authority earlier on Monday coordinated the scuttling of former AFM Patrol Boat P31 off the west coast of Comino, to add to the number of underwater attractions for scuba divers visi