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Dragon Airlines accused of discrimination

A Taiwanese tourist accused Hong Kong Dragon Airlines of discrimination for letting Hong Kong passengers switch flights while denying her the same arrangement after her flight was grounded by tire pro

Australian passport offers new gender option – “indeterminate”

In a move the Australian government hopes will help remove discrimination against intersex or transgender people, the country's passports will now offer three options: male, female and indeterminate,

AAPR blasts United Airlines decision to discriminate against people of size

The Association for Airline Passenger Rights (AAPR) today blasted the decision by United Airlines to violate the civil rights of people of size by charging them for two tickets if they are deemed to b

Cruise lines discriminate against single travelers

Seattle, WA – For years I never took a cruise because I resented being discriminated against as a single traveler.

Raelians claim religious discrimination at McCarran Airport

LAS VEGAS, NV - Dozens of Raelians were forced to leave McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Saturday afternoon under threat of arrest, but the police officers involved refused to say on what g