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Eastern African Standby Force to exercise in South Sudan

(eTN) - Information was just received that the Eastern African Standby Force has agreed to hold an exercise later in the year in South Sudan, most likely soon after independence has become a reality.

Destination news: Climate change becoming real in Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - Recently-published studies revealed that over the past 50 years, the Eastern African region has experienced an average increase in temperatures by 1 degree Celsius, and suggestions were

Destination news: No Yellow Fever in Rwanda

(eTN) - State media and tourism promoters have jointly pointed out that there are no known cases of yellow fever in Rwanda, following concerns being expressed by travelers after an outbreak in Decembe

Destination news: Brisbane cleans up after its flood

(eTN) - A citizen volunteer “army” of over 55,000 people have spent the weekend assisting residents affected by last week’s inundation of over 25,000 homes and businesses in Brisbane and the nea

Destination news: New island national park planned for Tanzania in 2011

(eTN) - A new national park is in the making on an island just off the lakeside municipality of Mwanza in Tanzania, the proverbial stone's throw away from the town.

Destination news: South Sudan immigration officials get training

(eTN) - Juba-based immigration staff last week completed a two-week course and intense training workshop aimed at improved customer care and public relations.