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World Travel Monitor: European outbound travel grows by five percent

Spain has been unable to maintain its strong growth of international visitors of recent years, while Turkey is attracting more holidaymakers again. Greece is...

Colours of Malta joins Preferred DMCs

Preferred DMCs, the boutique consortium of selected Destination & Event Management Companies from around Europe specializing in bespoke high-end incentive travel and special interest...

New green city survey ranks Copenhagen No. 1

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Copenhagen is renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly capital cities in the world but a new survey now shows that Copenhagen is also a world leader in terms of its g

Suddenly Denmark feels like most happening place on the planet

It's a tiny country of 5½ million people, but suddenly Denmark feels like the most happening place on the planet.

Pakistan-Danish climbers scale North Peak of Malika Parbat

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A Pakistani and a Danish climber have marked history by reaching the peak of Malika Parbat (North Peak) at 5,290 meters, which is the highest mountain in the Hazara Division in P

Oslo to protest through music

Thousands of Norwegians plan to gather in Oslo to protest against mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik by singing a folk song he hates and which he considers a Marxist indoctrination method.

UK and Denmark supports Seychelles in fight against piracy

International cooperation to counter the increasing threat of piracy has led to the successful detention of 18 suspected pirates who will be transferred to, and possibly prosecuted, in Seychelles.

Norway, Denmark, Australia lead in worldwide assessment of wealth and quality...

LONDON, England - A new study ranks the U.K. 13th out of 110 countries in a worldwide assessment of wealth and quality of life. Norway, Denmark, and Australia lead the rankings. The U.K.

Oasis of the Seas squeezes under Danish bridge

KORSOER, Denmark – The world's largest cruise ship cleared a crucial obstacle Sunday, lowering its smokestacks to squeeze under a bridge in Denmark.

VisitDenmark pulls “offensive” tourism ad

COPENHAGEN — Denmark's tourism agency has removed an advertisement from YouTube after complaints that it promoted promiscuity in the liberal Scandinavian country.

Safety as a competitive advantage

Taiwan recently announced in the trade media that it was a safe tourist destination.

Denmark pricing itself out of tourist market

Denmark has dropped one place on the World Economic Forum’s competitive tourism list due to poor results in price competitiveness

Singapore and Scandinavian countries conclude three ‘Open Skies’ agreements

(eTN) - Singapore has concluded three bilateral Open Skies Agreements (OSAs) with the Scandinavian countries, comprising Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Once people come to Denmark, they like it. The problem, says...

The country's slumping tourist industry is to be propped up with a new strategy that will spread knowledge of Denmark abroad by highlighting the positive experiences most visitors say they have of the country.
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