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Qantas: Decision to ground fleet must remain with airline

Qantas says forcing airlines to submit a safety case to the regulator and the Government prior to grounding its fleet would be impractical and could put passengers at risk.

WTO affirms decision that European subsidies to Airbus are illegal

CHICAGO, Ill. - The World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body today confirmed that Airbus received $18 billion in illegal “launch aid” and other subsidies from European governments.

EU to decide on antitrust clearance for Oneworld airline alliance in...

BRUSSELS - The European Commission is likely to decide before end July whether or not to give antitrust clearance to the Oneworld airline alliance, operated by British Airways, AMR Corp's American Air

Continental Airlines board to decide on merger with United today

Continental Airlines board members are expected to meet Sunday afternoon and approve a merger with Chicago-based United Airlines.

Decision to scrap Wales Tourist Board ‘catastrophic’

THE Tories today described as “catastrophic” the decision of the Welsh Government to scrap the Wales Tourist Board.Shadow Wales minister David Jones said tourism in the country should be “promoted by properly qualified industry professionals and not by civil servants”.The functions of the Wales Tourist Board were taken over by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2006.