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David Beckham becomes Paris’ newest tourist attraction

PARIS, France - Paris woke up yesterday to a wave of Beckham madness, after the 37-year old former England captain signed a five-month contract with one of France's best-known clubs, PSG.

Beckham, Arnie and Spacey nominated for Face of Travel

Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, Kevin Spacey, Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Kevin Costner and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickenson are among the favorites to win the World Travel Awards (WTA) “Face of

The Sun Newspaper speaks about David Beckham’s love of Seychelles

The famous English footballer, David Beckham, seems to have discovered the perfect location on Earth where he can catch his breath and have a good rest. This is the Seychelles islands.

Bend it like Beckham – for California tourism

David Beckham loves living in California so much he's now helping promote the Golden State to tourists.