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3 crew members of UN Humanitarian Air Service abducted in Darfur

Three Bulgarian crew members working for the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) were abducted in Darfur today, just over one month after three of their colleagues were freed after more th

Sudan: Violence and hope present in equal measure

Sudan, for so long the focus of the world's humanitarian attention, is back in the news.

Gaddafi a no-show at Kampala AU summit

The African Union Summit on Refugees, Internally Displaced People and Returnees took a beating when AU chairman Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s leader, did not turn up in Kampala, and after allegedly also

More recognition for Southern Sudan

It was welcome news for the government and people of Southern Sudan, when the EU last week formally opened a representative office in Juba.

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


Wolfgang’s East Africa report


Seize the Obama moment!

The Commonwealth Journalists Association ( CJA) urgently needs to promote media freedom and the protection of journalists across the Commonwealth, said Rita Payne, chairman of the UK branch, at a Lond

Landmark decision seeks arrest of Khartoum’s Bashir

It was finally confirmed on Wednesday, March 4, what sources well connected to the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s case against Omar Hassan al-Bashir had already leaked a while ago: an internat