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East African regional airlines battle to take over the African skies

East  African regional airlines are now fighting a winning and losing battle over the African skies which Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and South African...

Tanzania targets Chinese tourist market

Tanzania is now targeting China as a new and an upcoming lucrative tourist market source in South East Asia after the traditional tourist market...

Air Tanzania is first in Africa to receive the Airbus A220

Representatives from the airline as well as officials from the United Republic of Tanzania Government alongside executives from the A220 program handed over the...

Suspended! Fastjet airline services in Tanzania

Fastjet airline officials said late last week that its flights would be canceled through the end of January.

Johannesburg remains Africa’s most popular destination city

Johannesburg has emerged as the most popular destination city in Africa for the fifth consecutive year, according to the annual Mastercard Global Destination Cities...

The most popular destination cities in Africa emerged

Johannesburg has emerged as the most popular destination city in Africa for the fifth consecutive year, according to the annual Mastercard Global Destination Cities...

Precision Air’s financial troubles go into public domain

(eTN) - Troubling financial details are emerging from Dar es Salaam over the financial status of Precision Air, Tanzania’s only publicly-quoted airline company on the Dar Stock Exchange, with major

British Airways pulls flight services to Tanzania

TANZANIA (eTN) – After almost four decades of flight services to Tanzania, British Airways (BA) pulled its flight services between London Heathrow and Tanzania’s capital city of Dar es Salaam over

FastJet responds to debt and other allegations

(eTN) - Information was received from a source in Dar es Salaam who attended a press conference yesterday called by FastJet at short notice.

Emirates reacts fast to British Airways withdrawal in Tanzania

(eTN) - While many in Tanzania are still struggling to come to terms with the announced withdrawal of British Airways (BA) from the skies over Dar es Salaam – the airline last week confirmed their

British Airways set to pull out of Dar es Salaam

(eTN) - Information was just confirmed from a regular aviation source in Dar es Salaam, that British Airways (BA) appears set to leave Tanzania’s commercial capital come March this year.

Bad luck haunts Air Tanzania on return to the skies

(eTN) - Information is emerging from Dar es Salaam, that embattled Air Tanzania, upon taking to the skies once again last Friday, has suffered a setback on the maiden flight to Kigoma.

Double Tree Dar es Salaam ordered closed

(eTN) - Information was received from a regular source in Dar es Salaam, that the Double Tree Dar es Salaam was closed down by order of a government minister, who also reportedly on the spot revoked t

Dar es Salaam remains tense after army deploys in hot spots

(eTN) - The most recent clashes between separatists and religious radicals in Zanzibar, which caused considerable concern among the island’s tourism fraternity, have been mirrored in Dar es Salaam d

Another robbery gone wrong kills tourist in Dar es Salaam

(eTN) – In spite of regular official denials over the extent of crime in Tanzania’s commercial capital of Dar es Salaam directly aimed at foreign visitors, another tragic case of a purse snatching

Tanzania intensifies security in spice island of Zanzibar and other tourist...

(eTN) - Reacting to recent incidents in which four tourists were mugged in the Tanzanian capital city of Dar es Salaam and the political stalemate in the Indian Ocean tourist Island of Zanzibar, Tanza

National Air Transport Forum set for Dar es Salaam meeting

(eTN) - Tanzania’s aviation sector is set to convene in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday and Thursday this week to discuss opportunities and constraints for the airline industry, bringing an estimated 200

Dar es Salaam to spend 5 billion Uganda shilling for tourism...

UGANDA (eTN) - The government in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, launched yesterday an ambitious 5-year tourism development plan, thought to cost them a cool 5 billion shillings (a little over US$2 million)

Dar es Salaam airport rushes to catch up with demand

(eTN) - Information has been received from regular aviation sources in Dar es Salaam, that the country’s main international airport, Julius Nyerere International, has finally and apparently been sho

TCAA ends Swissport monopoly

(eTN) - After years of arguments and heated exchanges between airlines and the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, a decision has finally come down to end the unsustainable monopoly at the country’s

Serena chain takes over the Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel in Dar...

TANZANIA (eTN) - East Africa’s leading tourist hotel chain, Serena Hotels, has officially taken over Tanzania’s biggest hotel, the Movenpick Royal Palm Hotel, in the Indian Ocean city of Dar es Sa

Wildlife conservation and policymakers to meet in Dar es Salaam

(eTN) - Cabinet ministers responsible for wildlife conservation from seven African countries are meeting in the Tanzanian capital city of Dar es Salaam discussing cooperative enforcement operations di

Hotel union uses minister to force itself upon Holiday Inn in...

(eTN) - It was learned yesterday that the Minister for Labor and Employment in the Tanzanian government has apparently become a willing tool to force recognition of a labor union on the management of

AFRAA blasts African governments at aviation meeting in Dar es Salaam

(eTN) - The African Airline Association (AFRAA) took advantage of the just-ended aviation conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to expose once again the lack of implementation of the Yamoussoukro Dec

Tanzania Airport Authority gets new board

(eTN) - A new board of directors has been appointed on Saturday in Dar es Salaam by the Minister for Transport for the Tanzania Airport Authority.
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