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Experts: “Stem cell tourists” risking their lives and life savings

LONDON - Thousands of people are putting their health and life savings at risk to travel to private clinics around the world for unproven and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments, British expert

Security worries still a major concern for Niger tourism

LAMANTIN ISLAND, Niger - Joel Sauze was just readying his new eco-lodge in southern Niger for its first visitors as soldiers in the capital blasted their way into the presidential palace and arrested

Despite all dangers Arabia Felix draws thrill-seeking tourists

Don't judge a book by its cover, particularly if its title includes words like "war," "terrorism," "separatists," "poverty," "illiteracy," and "kidnappings."

Tourists getting used to bombings?

Tourists are less and less bothered about bombings in busy holiday destinations. Social psychologist and tourism expert Ton van Egmond thinks that they may be getting used to such atrocities.

Tourists ‘ignorant’ of NZ dangers

Visitors to New Zealand need to learn more about the dangers of the great outdoors, a major rescue organisation says.Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) said tourists accounted for more than one-third of callouts this summer.From December to February, overseas visitors made up 35 per cent of wilderness rescues by LandSAR and police, and tourists were involved in 39 of the 111 incidents.