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Indian tourists’ wallets get lighter as rupee dives

Indian tourists visiting the UAE are finding their wallets are considerably lighter than they may have expected following the rupee's slump to an all-time low against the US dollar yesterday.

As loonie soars Canadian tourism takes a dive

The rising Canadian dollar is impacting tourist towns that rely on U.S. visitors, business owners in the B.C. Interior say.

Campaign to stop currency exchange rip-off launched on Facebook

LONDON, England - As summer holidays approach, Facebook (which is expected to be valued at $100bn following an initial IPO) is being used by travelers to warn each other about where not to get travel

Cuba devalues Convertible Peso to boost tourism

HAVANA, Cuba — The Central Bank of Cuba has announced an 8 percent devaluation of the island’s hard currency, the Cuban Convertible Peso or CUC.

Airlines may halt operations in Sudan

Bentiu — A Kenyan private airline has decided to suspend operations in all ten states of Southern Sudan in light of the chronic deterioration in the value of the Sudanese pound against the U.S.

Travelers leaving Sudan face more restrictions

(eTN) - Travelers leaving from the Sudan are facing yet more restrictions on the amount of foreign currency they can purchase, according to a source in Juba.

Will Euro stand or fall? All eyes on Spain

Greece set off the crisis rattling the euro zone. Spain could determine whether the 16-nation currency stands or falls.

Seychelles hoteliers have an issue with exchange rates

Three individual hoteliers and hotel managers raised their concern with this correspondent during a recent visit to the Seychelles, when discussing investments and capital expenditure to keep their ho

Brazil tourism in a privileged position

Brazil's tourism sector seems to be in a privileged position relative to other major tourist destinations worldwide.

Weak Icelandic krona benefiting tourists

Service takings from foreign tourists in Iceland have shot up over the last year, with each visitor now spending an average of 50 percent more than before.

Barretto: Brazil’s strong currency may drive away tourists

Further strengthening in Brazil’s real, which has rallied a world-beating 31 percent this year, may drive away foreign visitors before Rio de Janeiro hosts the 2016 Olympics, Tourism Minister Luiz B

Country without Big Mac

REYKJAVIK, Iceland - The Big Mac, long a symbol of globalization, has become the latest victim of this tiny island nation's overexposure to the world financial crisis.

Flu, stronger won end flood of Japanese tourists

The number of Japanese tourists visiting Korea has been decreasing since April due to the recent scare over the (A)H1N1 influenza virus in Korea and the strengthening of the Korean currency against th

Zimbabwe dumps own currency

In a move not entirely unexpected, the Zimbabwean government and the Central Bank of Zimbabwe decided over the Easter weekend to throw their own worthless currency out of the window, replacing it wit

Ireland fights €300m slump in tourism

Visitor numbers to Ireland are likely to drop by at least 5% next year, on top of the 3% decline this year, Martin Cullen, the tourism minister, has warned.

Venezuelan “currency tourists” grab cheap dollars

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao - Flights from Venezuela to nearby countries are packed with travelers clutching credit cards and looking to make fast bucks under rules resident Hugo Chavez introduced to prevent

Mixed feelings as tourists spend cheap dollars

It didn't take an investigative reporter to discover that there are swarms of international tourists in San Francisco this summer.

New Yorkers envy free-spending foreign tourists

NEW YORK - Negin Farsad, a filmmaker and comedian, recalled a time not long ago when European friends would visit New York just to see her, and not, she said, to use her apartment as a "temporary lock

Tourists throw money away if they buy currency at the airport

Thousands of British holidaymakers will soon be jetting off for some summer sun, but they will be leaving with a big dent in their wallets.One in five adults will wait until they are at the airport or at their destination before buying foreign currency, research by Sainsbury's Finance shows. As a result, they will miss out on the best deals.

Tourists warned against foreign exchange fees

Bad decisions on overseas spending could leave up to four million Britons £180m out of pocket this Easter, according to price-comparison site Moneysupermarket.The average tourist spends more than £500 when on holiday, and can easily be hit with extortionate foreign exchange fees and transaction charges, research suggests.

Hawaii tourism’s metamorphosis

Despite a stronger currency in both markets, more Canadians are flocking to Hawaii while Japanese arrivals continue to fallVisitors from Canada and Japan have benefited from a 16 percent improvement in their consumer buying power due to the strengthening of their currencies against the dollar.However, the similarities end there.