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Islam and Halal Cuisine is a growing market

Islam is the fastest-growing religion with an estimated global Muslim population of two billion. In many European countries, Muslims are poised to become the most significant minority population.

Serene cuisine on a luxury hotel barge

When it was time to join the coach at Montpellier and travel to Anjodi, my hotel barge moored half an hour away on the Canal du Midi at the tiny waterside village of Le Somail.

Bid to build Thai cuisine as a branding and tourism promotion...

About 400 overseas participants, including operators and owners of Thai restaurants overseas, are expected to join the five-day project called "Amazing Tastes of Thailand" being organized between Sept

Bid to capitalize on tourism marketing power of Thai cuisine

Two major events are to be held in Bangkok at the end of September 2009 to capitalize on the global popularity of Thai cuisine, boost exports of Thai agricultural products, and help visitors enjoy a h

Malaysia Airlines introduces new Indian cuisine

SUBANG - Malaysia Airlines, the only Malaysian, full-frills carrier that continues to serve complimentary inflight meals, will roll out its new Indian

Halal cuisine to lure Muslim tourists to RP spots

MANILA, Philippines - Making halal cuisine readily available in tourist destinations will encourage more tourists from Muslim countries to visit the Philippines.