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Cubans no longer need exit permit to travel abroad

HAVANA, Cuba - Mileidy Ramayo hasn't seen her father since he left Cuba on a raft but is hoping the loosening of travel restrictions might help bring that reunion closer to taking place.

Will ordinary Cubans benefit from American tourism?

HAVANA, Cuba — The small-time entrepreneurs who rent out private rooms to tourists in this country may be the future business leaders of a post-Castro economy, but for now they are a beleaguered tri

Cuban “tourists” flock to Cuba’s resorts

Cuba's President Raul Castro put an end last year to the country's so-called tourism apartheid that banned ordinary Cubans from staying at tourist hotels.

Cuba opens tourist hotels to citizens

HAVANA, Cuba - Cuba will allow its citizens to stay in hotels previously reserved for foreigners, the latest in a series of decisions to lift bans on goods and services that the average Cuban can't afford.The prohibition on staying in foreigners-only hotels unnerved many Cubans, who complained that foreigners were being afforded rights that were denied to ordinary citizens.