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More than 330 die in Cambodian festival stampede

More than 330 people died in a stampede on the final day of the Water Festivalin on a small Cambodian island.

Car rental company relents on bill after tourists crushed by glacier

WELLINGTON — A car hire company reversed course Wednesday after angering New Zealand's prime minister for charging a tourist family for not returning their car after their sons were crushed by glaci

Pilot error caused plane crash near Everest – report

KATHMANDU - Pilot error caused a plane crash in the mountains of northeast Nepal that killed 18 people in October, a report said on Thursday.

Train crushes 15 people in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD, India - A speeding train mowed down 15 people, including two children, at an unguarded railway crossing in Gujarat, police said on Thursday.The victims, mostly labourers and their families, were crossing the tracks on Wednesday night when they failed to spot the rushing train."We found bodies of 15 people, including two children and two women," a police officer said.