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Giant croc to become Philippine eco-tourism park star

Villagers and veteran hunters have captured a giant crocodile which they plan to make the star of a planned eco-tourism park in a southern Philippine town.

When it comes to crocs, they don’t come much bigger than...

The tourists had paid for a close-up view of crocodiles – and when this beast burst from the water they certainly got their money’s worth.

New fossil find in southwestern Tanzania

(eTN) - New skeleton remains were found in the southwest of Tanzania in a recent dig, which unearthed a creature with similarities to both ancient crocodiles, as well as cat-like features.

Tourists treated to an epic battle between crocodile and shark

On what otherwise might have been an average excursion through Australia's Kakadu National Park, tourists were treated to an epic battle between two of nature's most ferocious predators, a crocodile a

Crocodile fished out of Northern Territory tourist park pool

A crocodile enjoying a dip in a caravan park swimming pool made such a splash that tourists had to abandon their water aerobics class.

Urinating tourist attacked by crocodile in Mexico

A U.S. tourist got more then he bargained for when he was attacked by a crocodile while attempting to answer the call of nature in the Mexican resort of Cancun this week.

Jungle Island loses its main tourist attraction – 2,000 pound croc

MIAMI - A 2,000 pound crocodile believed to be among the largest of his kind has died at a popular Miami tourist attraction.

Monster croc at popular Northern Territory tourist spot

A monster croc believed to be at least 4.5m (14.76 feet) long has been spotted lurking near a walkway at a popular Northern Territory tourist reserve.

Croc terrorises north Queensland tourist mecca

A major north Queensland tourist island is demanding compensation from the state government for dumping a croc on its beach.

Theme park’s Cage of Death drops tourists into crocodile tank

A new Australian theme park hopes to lure tourists into their "Cage of Death" for a close encounter with an 18-foot crocodile, the Northern Territory News reported.