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Air NZ ‘sexy cougar’ ad shut down after critics blast it

AUCKLAND - An advertisement for an airline competition that portrays older, single women as "cougars" who prey on young men at night is to close on Monday after incurring the wrath of both male and fe

Pros and cons of swimming with the sharks

The popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel keeps growing in popularity. This past weekend, social networking sites and blogs were abuzz about the shark filled week ahead.

“There are no laws out there”

WASHINGTON - Laurie Dishman, a 37-year-old food-services manager from Sacramento, said it was time to face her fears head-on, so she took a therapeutic trip to the Port of Miami last weekend.

Tourism Australia has no bloody idea how it’s doing

The national auditor has criticised Tourism Australia's handling of potential conflict of interest among board members, and for spending $184 million on the Where The Bloody Hell Are You?