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Myanmar warns visitors on child sex tourism

Tourists staying in Myanmar's ancient city of Bagan have been warned against committing sexual offences against children, an official from the Central Body for Suppression of Trafficking in Persons (C

New law will make Brazil safer and save lives

Brazil has passed a law to require DNA from convicted criminals for inclusion in the national Brazilian DNA database.

Tunisia becomes first North African nation to join International Criminal Court

Tunisia today became the first North African nation to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the 116th party to the treaty establishing the world’s first permanent court tasked with trying

Australia toughens laws on sex tourism

Australia has launched an advertising campaign to accompany tough new laws on sex tourism.

Suspected con man preyed on wealthy tourists

On June 4, 1993, a 13-year-old boy fell out of the wheel well of a DC-8 cargo jet that had arrived at Miami International Airport from Bogota, Colombia. He was unconscious and shivering but alive.

Violence continues in Tobago

Two teenagers have been battered to death in Tobago. Reports are that the bodies of two young men were discovered in the French Fort, Scarborough area.

Geneva crime surge targets Arab tourists

GENEVA — An assault on a Saudi Arabian outside a Geneva night club has cast an unwanted spotlight on surging street crime and claims of "cut throat" neighbourhoods in the Swiss city with an internat

Cruise lines to be required report crime

MIAMI — Vacationers shopping for a cruise might soon have more things to consider than price and itineraries.

Tourists warned about crime in T&T

The Australian government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has updated its travel advisory on Trinidad and Tobago.

New law targets cruise safety

Congressional lawmakers reintroduced legislation last Thursday aimed at tightening security on cruise ships.

Major legislation introduced to improve safety on cruise ships

In conjunction with efforts by the International Cruise Victims Association (ICV), major legislation to improve safety on cruise ships was introduced today by Rep. Doris Matsui in the U.S.

Rio embarrassed by surge in Carnival crime against tourists

RIO DE JANEIRO — It's billed as the biggest show on Earth, but this year's Carnival underway in Rio de Janeiro is also confirming the Brazilian city's reputation for crime.

Baja California crime continues, as does debate about tourist safety

Blood continues to spill in Tijuana and and other border-area communities.

It’s not all fun, food and foolin’ around on cruise ships

Cruises are marketed as the perfect place for a holiday. Pampering and self-indulgence have been perfected, and whims and wishes are satisfied with minimum effort.

Stop and steal: Thieves prey on tourists in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (eTN) - Malaysian police and the Malaysian Association of Hotels have joined forces to track down gangs of organized foreign thieves who have been preying on guests at top hotels over the last few years.Alarmed at the damage it is causing the country's tourism industry, a hotelier said, "We need more cooperation within the industry and the police."

Tourist numbers plummet

The number of foreigners visiting the region where two tourists have been sexually assaulted in the past 16 months has plummeted.Statistics New Zealand figures show the number of international visitors staying in Northland in January fell by 16 per cent from the same month last year, four times the national average.

Foreign women must be more careful, Goa chief says after girl’s...

Women tourists who visit Goa, where a teenage British girl was found dead last month, cannot expect to wander wherever they please after midnight without fear of the possible consequences, the chief minister of the Indian state said yesterday.Digambar Kamat said that foreign women should take greater responsibility for their personal safety.

Mount Elgon security stepped up

(eTN) - Tourism stakeholders have complained about the very late deployment of security forces to Mt. Elgon National Park, where a Belgian tourist was shot dead two weeks ago.