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Live like a local in Nassau, Bahamas

Travel destination - the Bahamas - is a Caribbean archipelago located off the coast of Florida with a long history of colonization.

Visiting Jerusalem: Shabbat Shalom from a city that nourishes both body...

"A cold rain fell all day Friday here in Jerusalem, yet we turned the dreariness of the day into a metaphor for the pains of the past and tomorrow’s dreams," reports Dr. Peter Tarlow from Israel. Israel is the perfect place as a center of history and a place of great food.  

Happy Chanukah from the land where miracles are a daily occurrence!

Tourism in Israel is booming and Chanukah is a great time to visit the Jewish State. A record 3.6 million tourist arrived in Israel 2017, a 25 percent growth since 2016. This is also the time donuts are big business, and here is why:

Seychelles and UK join in fight against piracy

The Seychelles President, Mr. James Michel. has met with the British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Alistair Burt MP, at State House this morning.

Tourism officials: Las Vegas is safe, despite all recent shootings and...

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Three people were killed and at least six more injured after an unidentified individual in a black Range Rover opened fire on the occupants of a Maserati.

Mexican authorities: Arrests coming in rape of Spanish tourists in Acapulco

ACAPULCO, Mexico - Arrests could come as early as this week in the alleged rape of six Spanish tourists in Acapulco, the lead investigator in the case said on Wednesday.

New Indian law against rape to include death penalty

NEW DELHI, India - The new law against rape in India will help to control ever increasing trend of rapes as the law defines consent as an “unequivocal voluntary agreement” when the person by words

Bahamas Prime Minister: Crime is biggest threat to Caribbean tourism

Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie has issued a warning that there is no bigger threat to the future viability of tourism in the region than crime.

International tourism month and tourism security & safety

The city of Las Vegas will hold its 19th conference on tourism security and safety during the month of May.

Foreigners in New Zealand warned about risk of theft

Incoming tourists are being warned about the risk of theft from cars and campervans in New Zealand, but Police Minister Anne Tolley says there has been no spike in incidents.

Crime never takes a vacation, but it doesn’t you can’t

A home security expert is claiming that the lagging economy has spurned a dramatic increase in burglaries and home invasions across the country, with agencies reporting an increase in 2010 after falli

Rapid rise in child poverty leads to later increase in crime

WASHINGTON - Rising child poverty rates could mean higher crime rates in the future, a national law enforcement group warned today.

Australia’s Gold Coast becomes Crime Coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast, which attracts hundreds of thousands of domestic and international visitors each year thanks to miles of sun-kissed beaches and scores of glitzy nightclubs, has seen five sh

Growing links between crime and terrorism the focus of UN forum

Highlighting the growing nexus between global criminal acts, including drug trafficking and money laundering, and terrorism, a top United Nations official today called for boosting efforts to tackle t

Crime and tourism coexist in South Africa

(eTN) - Crime is a harsh reality in South Africa, for tourists and residents alike.

Drug tourists drive up crime rate in Dutch border town

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands - Officials in the Dutch border town of Maastricht say they are hopeful the European Court of Justice will allow them to ban the sale of marijuana to foreigners.

South Africa crime fears revived by the shooting of American tourist

JOHANNESBURG — The shooting of an American backpacker has revived crime worries at the World Cup, but organisers insisted Thursday that the tournament remains on track on the eve of the quarter-fina

South Africa: Australian tourists robbed by gang of “decent” robbers

Johannesburg - After four "decent" robbers tied up and robbed Australian tourists on Thursday morning at a luxury resort in Mpumalanga, they asked their victims if they were "at least enjoying the Soc

EU capital rattled by violence

On a crisp, sunny morning last week, a man strolled into a Brussels courtroom, pulled out a 7.65-mm pistol and shot both the judge and a court clerk in the head before fleeing.

Woman admits stealing $400,000 in tickets from United Airlines

CINCINNATI - A Cincinnati roller derby star has admitted stealing $400,000 in airline tickets from United Airlines for teammates, friends and family, authorities say.

30 people killed as violence escalates in Jamaican slums

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Thousands of police and soldiers stormed the Jamaican ghettos where reggae was born Tuesday in search of a reputed drug kingpin wanted by the United States, intensifying a third

Jamaican violence escalates as gunbattles rage on in Kingston slums

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Security forces fought their way into the warren-like complex that is the slum stronghold of a Jamaican gang leader facing extradition to the United States and sporadic gunfire c

South Africa – should football fans fear for their lives at...

With a multitude of tourists heading to South Africa for the World Cup, a question hangs on many lips: how dangerous is the country? South Africa is a place where a lot of violent crime happens.

Journalist killed during hotel and casino robbery in South Africa

Johannesburg - A North West journalist was shot dead during an armed robbery at a hotel and casino in Mafikeng, police said on Thursday.

50 murders a day – shouldn’t rampant crime concern World Cup...

JOHANNESBURG — Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging movement is warning countries about sending their soccer teams to a "land of murder" after Eugene Terreblanche was bludgeoned to death only 10 weeks befor
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