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Norwegian airline will now serve free water, accept cash

A Norwegian airline will now serve free water on long-haul flights following complaints that passengers were left without food, drinks and blankets for up to 12 hours.

No food, no water, no blankets – welcome to Norwegian Air...

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Europe's third-largest budget airline, has apologised for refusing passengers food, water and even blankets on its recently launched long-haul flights to New York and Bangkok.

Etihad launches new cards that reward spending with air miles

Credit card provider MBNA has added airline giant Etihad to its partner portfolio as they today launched two new cards that rewards spending with air miles.

Indian banks cashing in on domestic travel industry growth

More and more banks are coming up travel credit cards, with the aim to attract frequent fliers in the country. At present, there are more than 250,000 travel credit cards circulating in the country.

Corporate travel credit card benefits – let me count the ways

Most every agency engages in the practice of allowing more than an average of 13.5 days for a corporate travel customer to pay for tickets issued.

UK to ban hidden card surcharges for travel tickets

Travel companies have been ordered to end the use of hidden surcharges for passengers paying by card.

Website helps travelers tackle airline card charges

LONDON, England - As airlines suffer a backlash from the Office of Fair Trading on the rising cost of booking by credit card, budget conscious consumers fear sticking to low cost travel could be a str

Airline ticket fraud ring busted by the feds

A fraud ring that had been stealing consumers' credit card information since 2001 was finally broken up after a lengthy investigation.

Airline perks and fees – giving with one hand and taking...

The ever-changing world of airline fares and fees is getting a little more confusing — but maybe a lot cheaper — thanks to the newest travel perk: free baggage check with an airline's credit card.

March airline sales off the charts

According to Allan Mutén, ARC's director of strategic communications, international airline fares and credit card sales in March were "off the charts." He said, "ARC began dashboarding these numbers

US Airways ends cash transactions on domestic flights

US Airways Group Inc. is accepting only credit and debit cards for food and beverage purchases on its North American flights.

U.S. Mint blocks “Free Airline Miles” scheme

Some credit card holders bought coins to earn rewards, then used the coins to pay their credit card bills. Net cost: $0.00

Continental goes cashless

Continental Airlines Inc. said its flight crews will begin accepting only credit and debit cards for on-board purchases starting Tuesday.Cash can be used for duty-free purchases.

Another credit card fee is about to fly

Another fee is coming in the new year for airline and hotel customers — this time from your credit card company.

How air travel could be changed by credit cards merchant fees

Business travelers may be the ultimate losers in the latest scuffle between airlines and travel agents over credit card fees.

Air Canada wins relief on credit card terms

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Air Canada has won some breathing room from one of its key credit card processors, the cash-strapped airline said on Monday.

Now boarding — airline reward fight

U.S. Bancorp and American Express Co. are squaring off for a marketing battle that will be waged with reward programs but could be won on reputation.

United Airlines to go cashless for onboard purchases

After a brief transition period through the spring break season, United will phase out cash and only accept credit and debit cards on flights within the United States (including Hawaii) and on flights

Tourists fall victim to credit card fraud

A Portuguese couple say they lost about 8 000 euros (N$96 000) to credit card fraud after visiting Namibia last year, and they suspect the involvement of Namibian service staff.

American Airlines cabins to go cashless

American Airlines wants plastic, not paper.

If you have the choice, it’s best to stick to plastic

Cash is king, the saying goes. As if to convince us of this, a press release came across my desk this week touting the ease of wiring cash to airlines to buy plane tickets.

Time to ditch the airline affinity credit cards?

was already thinking about ditching my Gold SkyMiles American Express card when I got billed for the annual fee. It has gone up to $95.

Best way to travel is on a credit card

Up to nine million British travellers who put together their own 'DIY' holiday breaks this year run the risk of losing their money if their travel company goes under - because they have paid for their flights and hotels by debit card, cash or cheque.

Toronto summit to discuss new payment methods for airline tickets

Pittsburgh – Airlines face slim profit margins because their high fixed costs of labor, equipment and fuel leave them few cost-cutting options.