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UK cracks down on “health tourism” abuses

Foreigners who abuse the NHS by coming to the UK for treatment as "health tourists" then leaving without paying the costs are to be banned from returning to Britain.

Costa Rica cracks down on stem cell tourism

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - Costa Rica is cracking down on an unauthorized stem cell clinic that has attracted hundreds of foreigners seeking relief from degenerative diseases and serious injuries.

Transplant tourism under fire

Moves to combat "transplant tourism", in which patients from rich countries pay large sums to have organ transplants in poor ones, are gaining pace, experts have told an international conference.

Philippine military officials ordered to crack down on volcano tourists

LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines - Philippines authorities, dismayed by tourists venturing into dangerous areas near the restive Mayon Volcano, are cracking down, reports indicate.

Benidorm declares war on unruly British tourists

Beaches will be off-bounds between midnight and 7am in a bid to stop drunken couples having sex in the sand after leaving the late night bars and discos.

Greece vows to crack down on crime among tourists

ATHENS - Greece vowed to crack down on crime among holidaymakers at its coastal resorts on Thursday, after a young Australian man was left brain dead by a beating from nightclub workers on the island

Taxi drivers will be taxi drivers. Even in Bahrain

A tourism hotline to catch greedy taxi drivers could be on the way in a month, the GDN has learned.

Party’s over for big limos

They're ubiquitous on Britain's streets – and many may be running illegally. But as a crackdown looms, legitimate operators fear they'll be driven out of business.