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Five suspects confess to gang-raping Swiss visitor in central India

NEW DELHI, India - Five men have confessed to gang-raping a Swiss tourist in central India, authorities said Sunday.

Ukraine’s largest airline flies into bankruptcy

KIEV, Ukraine - AeroSvit, Ukraine's largest airline, will seek protection from its creditors in court this week after grounding most of its flights and leaving hundreds of people stranded across the g

Tourists in Zanzibar advised to stay in resorts and use extreme...

(eTN) - At least thirty rioters were charged yesterday in courts of law in Zanzibar, following their arrest over the weekend, when mobs incited by sectarian talk stormed two Christian churches and bur

Tel Aviv court orders extension of comatose tourist’s detention

For second time, Tel Aviv court extends remand for the comatose tourist shot by police in Bat Yam.

Tel Aviv court releases Dutch tourist who threatened to “slaughter Jews”

A court released on Tuesday the Dutch tourist who was shot and seriously wounded by police trying to arrest him for allegedly threatening to "slaughter Jews."

Court rebukes US Department of Commerce on anti-China tariffs

Bills to punish China for not revaluing the yuan get lots of press attention, but the real protectionist damage to US-China trade in recent years has come from old-fashioned antidumping and countervai

Business as usual for AMR and American Airlines

FORT WORTH, Texas - AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, Inc. and AMR Eagle Holding Corporation, announced that Judge Sean H. Lane of the U.S.

Kenya Airports Authority faces contempt of court charges

(eTN) - Institutional arrogance and contempt for the people whose life dreams he helped destroy two weeks ago, when demolition teams wrecked hundreds of homes worth hundreds of millions of Kenya shill

Dubai cop charged with brutal rape of Japanese tourist

DUBAI, UAE - A Dubai police officer has been charged with the brutal rape of a tourist in Hatta.

Court orders Qantas to end dispute and resume service

Qantas has called off the dramatic grounding of its entire fleet after a tribunal ordered the Australian airline and trade unions to end a dispute that has stranded thousands of passengers.

US court upholds ban on imports of polar bear trophies

WASHINGTON - Today the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia ruled that importing polar bear trophies to the U.S.

Former Ukraine’s PM gets 7 years in prison for abuse of...

A Ukrainian court has found former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko guilty of abuse of authority for signing gas contracts with Russia and sentenced her Tuesday to seven years in prison.

UAE calls on Iran to take dispute over islands to UN...

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) today called on Iran to either enter into serious, direct talks over three islands which it says are an integral part of UAE territory or refer the issue to the United N

Serengeti Highway opponents celebrate court victory

(eTN) - News came in overnight that the Tanzanian government has suffered a sharp setback when their application to throw out a legal case brought by a range of opponents to their Serengeti highway pl

15 convicted in Cuban airline, tourism agency corruption scandal

HAVANA, Cuba - A Cuban court has convicted 14 government officials and businessmen and a Chilean entrepreneur for corruption and bribery involving the state-owned airline and a tourism agency.

Court slaps Air India union leaders with contempt notices

NEW DELHI, India - Contempt notices were today slapped by the Delhi High Court on nine union leaders of striking Air India pilots as the airline management clamped the 'no work, no pay' rule even as

Security Council urges establishment of specialized courts to try pirates

Recognizing the need for further steps to boost anti-piracy efforts, the Security Council today decided to urgently consider the establishment of specialized Somali courts to try suspected pirates bot

EU: States entitled to penalize airlines that make too much noise

EU member states are entitled to penalize airlines that make too much noise in built-up areas near airports, a top adviser to the EU's highest court said on Thursday.

Air India ordered to rehire overweight stewardess

NEW DELHI - An Indian court ordered state-run Air India to rehire an airline hostess that the carrier had sacked nearly a decade ago for being overweight.

National Federation of the Blind sues United Airlines

SAN FRANCISCO - The National Federation of the Blind, the nation's oldest and largest organization of blind people and the leading advocate for accessible technology, and three blind individuals—Mic

Uganda Wildlife Authority court case bounces

(eTN) - The scheduled hearing of a case filed by the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and several of his colleagues, to reverse what they termed "illegal" suspensions and dism

Wrecked ship ordered removed from Goa beach

PANAJI, India — An Indian court on Wednesday gave the government in the resort state of Goa two months to begin removing the rusting hulk of a ship that ran aground on a popular tourist beach a deca

Court rules in favor of Uganda Wildlife Authority staff

UGANDA (eTN) - As was expected by many informed observers watching the current saga at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) unfold in the public arena, the High Court in Kampala yesterday granted an in

Court: Lawsuit against Qantas may proceed

Qantas Airways Ltd., Australia’s biggest airline, and six other carriers, must defend against claims they participated in a global conspiracy to fix rates for international air cargo shipments, an a
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