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Seychelles at annual COTTM travel event in Beijing

As one of the most important professional travel fairs in Northern China, COTTM has drawn the attention of people in the tourism industry worldwide.

NTA awarded top prize for 2012 Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award

NTA has struck gold again in China. The association was awarded the top prize last week for the 2012 Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award, winning gold in the Overall Performance category.

Seychelles set to increase Chinese tourists to the islands

A delegation of the Seychelles private sector interested in receiving Chinese tourists joined Jean-Luc LaiLam and Huanhuan Lee the island’s Tourism Board Managers for China at COTTM, the Chinese Tou

NTA taps into Chinese outbound market to US

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the United States and China allows Chinese leisure travelers to visit the United States in group tours.