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Green Globe certifies Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen

LOS ANGELES, California - Green Globe announced certification of the Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden in Copenhagen, Denmark.

New green city survey ranks Copenhagen No. 1

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Copenhagen is renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly capital cities in the world but a new survey now shows that Copenhagen is also a world leader in terms of its g

Suddenly Denmark feels like most happening place on the planet

It's a tiny country of 5½ million people, but suddenly Denmark feels like the most happening place on the planet.

Air China to launch direct flights between Beijing and Copenhagen

BEIJING, China - On June 2, 2012, Air China will inaugurate direct rotations between Beijing and Copenhagen.

Thai Airways boosts its presence in Europe from November

BANGKOK, Thailand (eTN) - The winter schedule 2011-12 will see Thai Airways International rising its profile in Europe, as Thailand's national carrier will launch two new routes.

Absence of Little Mermaid lamented by tourists and locals alike

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Tourists trekking to Copenhagen hoping to see an iconic statue of The Little Mermaid were left considerably under-whelmed on Saturday after being confronted by a still image on

Seychelles creates another national park

Alongside the Copenhagen Climate Summit, the Seychellois President Michel signed into effect the creation of a new national park on Silhouette island, dedicated to "resilience to climate change from a

How Copenhagen betrayed Africa

China remained the main culprit in the cross hairs of climate change advocates, as the Copenhagen Summit drew to a close without the urgently required binding consensus.

The implications of the Copenhagen climate anti-climax on tourism

For many months the expectations of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference were immense.

Change coming about climate change?

Nations attending the Copenhagen conference agreed overnight to "take note" of an agreement reached by the leaders of five countries - the United States, China, India, Brazil and South Africa - after

The United Nations system is committed to delivering as one on...

UNWTO (United Nations World Travel Organization) has joined all the other United Nations agencies assembled in Copenhagen to send a clear message that the UN is both “working and delivering as one

Live the deal, UNWTO executive says

eTN: How are you, Geoffrey? How is Copenhagen? Geoffrey Lipman: I think it’s probably better than people are saying, if you know what I mean.

Tanzania hopeful of COP15

When the entire world is awaiting the results and outcomes of the Copenhagen conference on Climate Change (COP 15), Tanzania is one among African countries that has been hit hard by the effects of cli

Advancing the response of tourism to climate change

UNWTO has been working to raise awareness on climate change issues in the tourism sector for many years, and much has been achieved. The time is right for all those involved to forge ahead.

South Africa slaps down African climate goals

It appears that South Africa may have broken ranks with the rest of the African continent over their joint approach towards the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, when news emerged from Pretoria that South

Islanders bid for tough climate action blocked

COPENHAGEN – Declaring "it's a matter of survival," one of the world's tiniest nations, speaking for imperiled islands everywhere, took on global industrial and oil powers Wednesday at the U.N.

Antarctic fragility a reminder of importance of success in Copenhagen, UN...

The secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, on Tuesday urged action on two fronts ahead of next week’s United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen as he marked the fiftieth

UN World Tourism Organization seeks ICAO support

Ahead of the climate summit in Copenhagen later in the year, the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has approached the International Civil Aviation Organization to enlist support towards a coordina

Copenhagen gets another Scandic hotel

Hotel chain Scandic has announced that the Front hotel will become its latest hotel in Copenhagen beginning April 17, 2009.

Copenhagen sends Little Mermaid to Shanghai

Copenhagen's statue of The Little Mermaid, known from H.C. Andersen's fairytale, will travel around the world to be part of the 2010 Expo in Shanghai.

Mermaid’s trip to Shanghai irks Copenhagen tourists, lawmakers

Copenhagen's bronze mermaid, the 95- year-old national monument that's suffered graffiti, severed limbs and decapitation, is causing another fuss in Denmark.

UN urges transport sector to lead climate change fight

A senior United Nations environmental official has said that the transport sector is expected to contribute so much to greenhouse gas emissions in the future that it must play a key role in shaping the global climate change deal which countries have agreed to try to clinch next year.