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Jamaica: Tighter regulation needed for small arms

An international regime is needed to regulate the sale and transfer of small and light weapons, Jamaica’s Deputy Prime Minister told the General Assembly’s annual general debate today.

UN official: Global drug control strategy needs rethinking

A top United Nations official today called on countries to rethink the global strategy on drug control in light of the diverse and complex challenges that drugs pose for public health, security and de

Horizon Air to hand over more control to Alaska Airlines

Seattle-based Horizon Air plans to hand over control of its flight planning, marketing and sales to sister carrier Alaska Airlines on Jan. 1, and may shed its independent brand altogether.

EU flights grounded by air traffic control computer outage

BERLIN – A regional air traffic control system outage sharply limited flights around much of northern Europe Friday, causing delays for tens of thousands of passengers aboard some 700 flights.

Air China unveils plans to take control of a smaller carrier

HONG KONG - Air China Ltd. unveiled plans to take control of Shenzhen Airlines Co.

Ir Amin: Israel using tourism to tighten control of Jerusalem

The Israeli government has been accused of secretly developing parks and tourist attractions in East Jerusalem in an attempt to extend its control of the city.

Judge: Aerolineas Argentinas to remain property of Argentina

The Republic of Argentina won’t be forced to give up control of assets of the state-run Aerolineas Argentinas as requested by bondholders with a $2.2 billion judgment against the country, a U.S.

Bali tightens control on inflow of foreign tourists

DENPASAR - Authorities in Bali are tightening control over the inflow of tourists, particularly foreign ones, at each of the gates into the Indonesian tourist resort province of Bali, Indonesia's news

GPS could help better track airline flights

CHICAGO - Get lost in the woods and a cell phone in your pocket can help camping buddies find you. Drive into a ditch and GPS in your car lets emergency crews pinpoint the crash site.

Israel ‘using tourist sites to assert control over East Jerusalem’

Israel is quietly extending its control over East Jerusalem in alliance with rightwing Jewish settler groups, by developing parks and tourist sites that would bring a "drastic change of the status quo

How can hotel price parity be controlled?

Over the years, 'Rate Parity' and 'Best Rate Guarantee' have contributed to the commoditization of the hotel product.