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Seychelles salutes birth of Kenyan Second Republic

VICTORIA, Mahe - The Minister of Foreign Affairs has said that the Seychellois people are proud to congratulate their Kenyan neighbors and offer them full support as they work to maximize the potentia

Seychelles to attend historic signing of new Kenyan constitution

VICTORIA, Mahe - Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr.

New Kenya constitution takes effect on August 27

(eTN) - The administration in Kenya has set Friday, August 27 as the day when the new constitution will be signed into effect by President Mwai Kibaki during a grand ceremony in Nairobi.

Kenya shows maturity at the polls

(eTN) - The harsh lessons taught after the last general elections showed results, when Kenyans went to the polls for the first time since those ill-fated days to cast their vote over a new proposed co