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Sorry, wrong Vancouver!

Sallie Reavey picked up the phone at her charming Briar Rose Inn and the caller asked about rooms in mid-February.

How to stop confusing tourists about Korean food

At the entrance of a Korean restaurant in an Insa-dong alley stands a large menu board introducing their dishes in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, an effort to attract foreign tourists. We asked an American passing by if he can figure what anything is by looking at the menu. "'Bean-curd refuse stew?’” he said.

Airline memos cloud agenda

Divining what the top executives at Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines were signaling by sending out internal memos to employees this week is like figuring out Kremlin politics in the era of the Soviet Union. At one level the memos were meant to assure their employees that no merger between Delta and Northwest would be completed unless it was in the best interest of each airline.