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Chinese tourism to Hong Kong grows despite incidents

Tourism chiefs in Hong Kong have dismissed suggestions that the intermittent conflicts that have sprung up between residents and mainland travelers in recent years will deter visitors from the mainlan

2011 Global Peace Index: World less peaceful

WASHINGTON - Levels of world peace dropped for the third consecutive year according to the 2011 Global Peace Index (GPI), released today.

United Nations claims conflict, weak rule of law leave East Africa...

Conflict, weak governance and uncertain rule of law make East African states vulnerable to a host of criminal activities, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) said Wednesday as it conv

Can Iraq’s new calm hold?

Washington - After more than a year of taking a wait-and-watch approach to the surge of US forces in Iraq, military commanders and independent experts now seem more confident that it could be the begi

Israel and Palestine: Who is the real barbarian?

“Have you ever been to a big forest without trees and animals? Have you ever seen black rain coming through the blue skies?”

Serbia faces months of instability and stark choice

BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbia faces renewed uncertainty on Monday under a caretaker government which will lead the country into its most important election since voters ended the era of the late autocrat Slobodan MilosevicA deep division over the importance of Kosovo versus future European Union membership killed off the 10-month-old coalition of Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica on Saturday.