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Young Balule Elephant shot 13 times before horrified visitors

Just as the furore about the trophy hunting of the pride male named Skye began abating, another incident has highlighted the ethics of hunting in the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) alongside the Kruger National Park.

Power of People proves popular for upcoming BestCities Global Forum in...

Leaders will hold talks, workshops, and programs while also learning about the region and culture of Latin America at the BestCities Global Forum to be held in Bogota.

Conflict over water between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan possible

German Der Tagesspiegel is sounding an alarm about the possibility of re-emerging conflict in Central Asia, this time between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

UN envoy warns of profound deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

The political process to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is in “profound and persistent” deadlock, a senior United Nations envoy warned today, calling on the parties to work towards a two

Jordan offers a daring discovery: It is safe

Jordan’s travel and tourism industry is to be commended for doing what destinations normally shy away from in times of crisis — confronting the problem head-on.

Turkey Tourism has a new ally

(eTN) - When Turkey is not picking a fight with Greece, it certainly is doing a good job in making friends in order to advance its tourism portfolio.

When Obama talks “green,” travel industry leaders see red

President Obama's call for government workers to cut back on driving and travel to reduce air pollution has angered business travel leaders who say he is once again hurting the travel industry.

UK boosts Sri Lanka’s popularity with 16.9% arrivals increase

The Indian Ocean island welcomed the highest number of British tourists in 2009 during the month of August, representing an increase of more than 1,000 visitors over August last year.

End of conflict could boost tourism

With an end to hostilities in Sri Lanka seemingly imminent, tourism could be set to spread to the country's troubled north-east.

Sri Lanka Tourism gears up for post conflict strategies

The conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a separatist group also known as the Tamil Tigers, which has affected the north of the country for over two decades, is rapidly nearing i

The tourism implications of the Gaza imbroglio

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been dominating the headlines since Israel's strike at Hamas at the very end of 2008.

Amid conflicts, Middle East region pins hope on religious travel

Despite hard times in today’s financial world, tourism has been given hope in religion and faith-based travel.

Quenching the thirst for war

Traveling through central Afghanistan three years ago, Geoff Hann found himself caught between warlords.

Thai-Cambodian conflict hits border villagers in the pocket

KANTHARALAK, Thailand — Up until late June, thousands of tourists each month would flock to the 11th century Preah Vihear temple to admire its elegant carvings and crumbling stone staircases.

War is looming

According to an article on www.bangkokpost.com, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered fresh troops to the border with an ultimatum to Thailand: "Pull military forces back today or the border will b

Winners and losers after Georgia conflict

There are some clear winners and losers in the conflict over South Ossetia - and the crisis has shown the need for a fresh start in relations between Russia and the West.

Resource-rich Angola creeps out of tortured past

Standing high above the African savannah at the giant rocks of Pungo Andongo in north-central Angola's remote province of Malanje, you can feel the weight of history reverberating from the soles of yo

Georgia will be on our minds

In Gori’s main square, which is dominated by a huge statue of Stalin, there’s a big hole in the concrete, blood stains on the pavement and burnt out cars on the road.

Thai-Cambodian conflict enters 2nd week

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Thailand accused Cambodia of eyeing even more of its land and leaflets appeared in the Cambodian capital calling for a boycott of Thai goods, as a military standoff over
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