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Loki Airport gathering dust as traffic shifts to Jomo Kenyatta International

(eTN) - Once the main gateway into occupied and wartorn South Sudan, a key supply base for the United Nations aid organizations and a multitude of NGOs, Lokichoggio has, since the signing of the Compr

Debate over a new Nile Treaty rages on

In a worrisome development, smacking of bias and displaying a neo-colonial attitude of the worst order, have 12 “development” partners in a joint communiqué demanded that the Nile River source co

Southern Sudan may declare unilateral independence

Sources from within the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement (SPLM) have given indication that should the regime in Khartoum continue to obstruct the referendum law, under which the independence decisio

Final stretch for new tourism policy in Southern Sudan

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - It is understood from sources at the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Tourism in Juba that the long awaited new tourism policy is now on the final stretch towards completion. The effort had suffered a set back earlier in the year when Dr. Yakobo Moyini, one of the main consultants working on the project, passed away.