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The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

Passenger suing United Continental for $170,550 over spilled beverage

HOUSTON, Texas - A Texas woman is suing United Continental Holdings Inc. after she says she was badly burned by spilled coffee on a flight from Madrid to Newark in 2011.

Passenger: Delta stiffs fliers on lost bags compensation

If an airline loses or delays your bag, can you trust it to let you know how much money you're entitled to? One passenger says don't count on it.

Alleged massage injuries cost Virgin Atlantic £300,430

LONDON, England – Two Virgin Atlantic massage therapists have been awarded GBP300,000 in damages from Virgin Atlantic for pain caused by alleged repetitive strain injuries from massages performed at

Court orders Air France to pay to relatives of crash victims

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian court orders Air France has been ordered to pay 540,000 euros ($727,000) to relatives of a Brazilian family that died on the Rio-Paris flight that came down in the Atlanti

World Travel and Tourism Council demands review of European compensation regulation

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is insisting that the European Commission re-examine compensation legislation following the Eyjafjallajoekull volcanic ash cloud earlier this year.

Strike-hit Greece vows to recompense tourists

Greece's promise to recompense tourists affected by industrial action was tested today as thousands of holidaymakers were left stranded by a general strike over the economic austerity measures.

Greece offers compensation to tourists stranded by strikes

ATHENS — Greece offered to compensate tourists stranded by labour unrest ahead of a new travel strike Tuesday as unions stepped up their assault against government austerity cuts.

Will the cruise line industry do BP’s dirty work?

After a BP refinery in Texas exploded in 2005, killing 15 workers and injuring scores more, the oil giant paid $1.6 billion in settlements to employees and their families.

Russian carriers may receive compensation for flights terminated due to volcanic...

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that Russian carriers may get compensation for flights to Europe that were cancelled due to a giant ash cloud caused by Eyjafjallajökull eruption .

Delta execs prepare employees for proxy

ATLANTA – Delta Air Lines Inc.'s top two executives sought to prepare employees and investors Wednesday for what they will see when the world's largest airline operator files its proxy: large total

Airline to compensate Schiphol crash passengers

Turkish Airlines has announced that it plans to pay damages to all of the passengers on the plane that crashed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport last week.

European airlines say ruling undercuts safety

Airlines say a European Court of Justice ruling that stipulates passengers must be compensated for flights canceled because of technical difficulties undermines safety, the European Regional Airline A

Statement by Union Coalition at United Airlines regarding UAL executive compensation

As United Airlines executives continue filling their pockets to overflowing proportions, the employees, passengers and shareholders continue footing the bill resulting from management's failed decision making.

Compensation for bumped airline passengers going up

Airline passengers will be eligible to receive as much as $800 for being bumped from flights under a new federal rule that goes into effect next month.

Airline apologizes for ‘return’ incidents

CHINA Eastern Airlines has apologized for its "flight returns" issue in Yunnan Province last week and pledged that affected passengers will receive relevant compensation. The carrier's Yunnan subsidiary said passengers could submit their boarding passes and names to the company and they would be compensated after verification.

Airline SAS gets 1 billion kronor in compensation from Bombardier

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Airline group SAS AB said Monday it ordered 27 new Bombardier aircraft in a deal that includes about 1 billion kronor (US$164 million; €106 million) in compensation to SAS for a series of crash landings that grounded its fleet of turboprops last year.
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