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Fort Lauderdale commuter airline to respond to FAA fine

Officers of Fort Lauderdale-based Gulfstream International Airlines are preparing their response to a $1.3 million fine by federal overseers, who claim the company improperly scheduled flight crews an

Commuter airlines bring anxiety to business travelers

Turbo-prop planes and regional jets are a crucial part of the airlines' route strategies and are often the only way a business traveler can easily get to a destination, but road warriors hate flying t

Love at first ride: Tourist on a commuter train

The day I took a trip on an economy-class train, I was a tourist in my own city; I was an outsider looking in.

Out of the spotlight, Indy’s “Other” airline soaring

ATA Airlines may have crashed and burned. But the other Indianapolis carrier is flying high.Republic Airways Holdings Inc. earned $83 million in 2007, and profit might approach $100 million this year, according to the investment firm Raymond James. Revenue cracked $1 billion in 2006 and might surpass $1.5 billion this year.