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Bankrupt: Lufthansa Partner PrivateAir

It started with a Swiss court in October to declare bankrupcy proceeding against PrivateAIr after a vendor asked the court. PrivateAir responded it was a mistake and managed to operate for another month and a half. Today on December 5, PrivateAir asked a Swiss Court to continue bankruptcy proceedings. 

TUI chief: Reasonable chance small travel companies will not survive

The chief executive of Tui Travel, owner of Thomson holidays, has warned that more small travel firms are likely to collapse into administration, as the tour operator unveiled a jump in third-quarter

Experts: More UK travel firms will collapse

Thousands of families have lost their summer holiday at the last minute following the collapse of travel firm Holidays 4 UK, with industry experts warning that it is unlikely to be the last.

Dreamticket.com assets being sold

The assets of Dreamticket.com parent Selsdon Travel, which collapsed on Monday, are being sold in what is believed to be the largest asset sale in the industry since Cruise Control failed in 2005.

Lebanese government falls after Hezbollah quits

Beirut, Lebanon - Members of the powerful Hezbollah movement and its allies brought down Lebanon's unity government Wednesday after resigning from Prime Minister Saad Hariri's Cabinet.

Travel news: German tourist saved from being buried on Tenerife beach

Spanish firefighters saved a 23-year-old German tourist from being buried alive on a Tenerife beach on Wednesday after a tunnel he built in the sand collapsed.

Tourism industry again collapsed – this time due to floods

Recent floods that made around 20 million people homeless in Pakistan also collapsed the tourism industry in a country that was already becoming fragile due to a bad law-and-order situation.

Demise of Kiss Flights underlines need for travel protection

If holidaymakers heading abroad were in any doubt of the need to have their trips fully financially protected, then the collapse of London-based Kiss Flights should have convinced them.

Price-fixing trial of four British Airways execs collapses

Virgin Atlantic denied withholding evidence from a price-fixing trial of airline executives, which collapsed yesterday amid bitter recriminations.

Will Euro stand or fall? All eyes on Spain

Greece set off the crisis rattling the euro zone. Spain could determine whether the 16-nation currency stands or falls.

Credit firm denies claims in Glopespan collapse

The boss of the online transactions company linked to the collapse of the Globespan airline has defended his company's position.

Allbury Travel collapses less than a week after Scotland’s Globespan airline...

Allbury Travel, which specialised in holidays to Greece and Cyprus, has gone bust and left 100 customers overseas. Its demise follows the collapse of Scottish airline Globespan last week.

Country without Big Mac

REYKJAVIK, Iceland - The Big Mac, long a symbol of globalization, has become the latest victim of this tiny island nation's overexposure to the world financial crisis.

Situation ‘simply a collapse’

The first quarter of 2009 saw a 30% drop in travel agency activity, data collected from travel agencies between the months January-April showed.

“Complete bull….”: Stella Group collapse denied

"Complete bull...." is how a spokesman for the Stella Group summed up reports that the global tourism company was in danger of collapse.

Unrest may suffocate Madagascar tourism -operators

ANTANANARIVO - Madagascan tourism may collapse if political foes stay locked in a bitter power struggle that has killed around 125 people, the industry warned on Monday.

ITB Aviation Day focuses on the collapse of capacity, climate protection,...

BERLIN – The global aviation industry will face major challenges in 2009, with sharply fluctuating oil prices and jet fuel costs, the crises affecting capital markets, overcapacities, and climate pr

R.O.A.R.: Consolidate or collapse?

Earlier this year I moderated a panel of industry experts at ESNEP (the European SITE Networking and Educational Programme) where Roger Tondeur of MCI, David Hornby of VisitLondon, Patrick Sullivan of

XL collapse sparks more travel firm failures

Respect Holidays and Wildwind holidays have ceased trading as travel companies continue to feel the pressure from the credit crunch and the fall-out from the collapse of XL earlier this month.

“Cursed” Alitalia, Pope’s airline, on the ropes

ROME - Alitalia facec the risk of collapse on Sunday as the government sought a last-minute between a consortium of investors and unions. Here are some key facts about Italy's flag carrier:

Second British travel company goes under as taxpayers faces £20m compensation...

Hundreds more British tourists have been left stranded abroad tonight following the collapse of a second travel company.

Airline collapse hits travellers

Holidaymakers travelling to and from Humberside Airport could be affected by the collapse of an airline.

British tourists stranded as travel firm Seguro Holidays collapses

Seguro Holidays, which flies holidaymakers from airports in Kent and Ayrshire, has gone into administration.

Thousands of passengers stranded as low-cost airline Zoom collapses

The carrier, which carried 500,000 passengers a year, became the latest victim of soaring fuel prices and the growing crisis in the aviation industry.

Holidays: Travel firms face collapse with predicted slump in bookings

The body that helps to bail out holidaymakers when travel companies go bust has warned that many tour operators could be heading for collapse this year.
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